Partial Terms of Endearment

Partial Terms of Endearment is the twenty-first episode and final of the eighth season of the series Family Guy . Unlike the others, this one was emitted through the British chain BBC 3 in 20 of June of 2010.

The plot focuses on Lois, who decides to volunteer as a surrogate mother to help an old friend from college to have a child. Unfortunately, both she and her husband die tragically, this event causes Lois to rethink the abortion or wait for the baby to be born and deliver it for adoption.

The episode is written by Danny Smith and directed by Joseph Lee . FOX declined to broadcast the episode on its chain, 1 however, was included in a DVD edition of the series in September 2010 along with the special Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show . 2


In a meeting of old college students that she went to, Lois will be reunited with an old partner with whom she spent time and experience , after telling the details to her husband. Peter begins to assume that it is a man until he is astonished to discover that he was actually with a woman named Naomi Robinson, to know what they did both in their student days, Peter begins to get excited. Naomi announces that she would like to propose something to them. After listening to their conversation, Peter begins to assume that he will participate in a trio with Naomi and his wife , so he expels his children and Brian. Once the woman arrives, she introduces them to her husband Dale, Peter seems disappointed to see that there will be no trio, however he still thinks about having sex in a group and begins to insinuate himself before the others present in various disguises. Once the four go to the hall to talk, Peter is deeply disappointed to know that there will be no orgy , Peter’s insistence that Naomi confess that both she and her husband have difficulties conceiving children and asks Lois a favor, which is offered as a surrogate mother , to such a request, Lois begins to think about it.

The next morning he tells his family that he intends to undergo an in vitro fertilization , this annoys Peter, who refuses to see her pregnant for nine months. In spite of the opposition of her husband, Lois goes to the hospital despite the objections of Peter, and after the insemination, the day after the results of the test of pregnancy prove positive. Peter, angry at his wife’s decision, tries [unsuccessfully] anyway to abort, they finally both end up arguing over her firm decision to be the carrier mother until the television attracts her attention, breaking news reveals That there has been a traffic accident with the result of several deaths, among the deceased were Naomi and Dale. Afflicted by this loss, Lois knows what not to do with the baby, soon all begin to suggest the possibility that miscarry or deliver for adoption. While she thinks about it, she goes with her husband to a family planning center to advise them, finally Lois decides to have an abortion. After apalabrarlo, Peter leaves the building and is opposite a group of demonstrators pro showing them a propaganda video in which they speak of such a procedure as murder, this makes Peter change his mind and take Lois in tow. When they get home the two discuss without the woman of his arm to twist, to finally solve the problem they decide to speak it more calmly and finally, when all the family is in the table, Lois communicates that it has decided to give birth to the son and Take care of him like a Griffin more. Upon hearing this, Peter turns to camera and says they will abort. 3


On July 25, 2009, MacFarlane announced the episode at the San Diego Comic Convention, 4 5 the chapter was written by Danny Smith and directed by Joseph Lee , who long ago worked as an assistant director and storyboard artist. This is his second collaboration since April in Quahog .

Aside from the usual cast, the episode features the voices of actors Gary Beach , Jackson Douglas , Phil LaMarr , Will Sasso , Julia Sweeney , Wil Wheaton and Michael York . 6


At first this episode was airing in the eighth season as planned, but weeks before it would start the session, the 20th Century Fox censored the episode, in July because the plot was based on abortion, 8 however , Allowed production of it and Seth MacFarlane announced that the episode would be included in a DVD edition for September 2010. 2 Finally the episode was aired on television via the British chain BBC 3 on June 20, 2010 as the last Episode of the eighth season even though it ended a month ago. 3

Reading the script

Shortly after the chapter was censored, on August 12, 2009 at the Teatro Ricardo Montalbán in Hollywood , a reading of the live screenplay for the audience was made. The event was organized by the Academy of Arts and Sciences and other VIP guests a few days before the 61st Emmy. MacFarlane commented on the event: “We did this to attract Emmy votes, so we could lose by a few.” Referring to Fig.

Cultural References

  • After Lois questioned how little Meg was dating, she reminded him that for a time she came out with the character Sesame Street Count of Count , who abandoned her after discovering that she had three nipples .
  • Peter, in an attempt for Lois to abort, buys an abortion set from the Acme Company , which brings a collection of Gray’s Anatomy DVDs , after leaving the DVDs on the floor in a row, Lois sees them collecting them One by one until you reach a place in the desert. Once it reaches such a point, Peter, from the top of a mountain points him with a crossbow where incorporated has a boxing glove to hit his stomach. However, Lois bends down to pick up the last DVD and the glove bounces before she can hit her and hits a gigantic rock that falls next to Peter. After the impact of the rock, part of the mountain crumbles and Peter falls similar to the Coyote when he tried to catch the Road Runner , a character Lois refers to in this scene. Referring to Fig.


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