Paola Binetti

Paola Binetti (n. 29 as March as 1943 , Rome , Italy ) is a medical , educator and political Italian, pertaining to the party Unione di Centro (2010-)

Professional career

Psychotherapist , is a specialist in clinical psychology and child neuropsychiatry . He works in the field of education and university . She has also dedicated part of her life to politics , becoming a senator by the center-left La Margarita party, later integrated into the Democratic Party. In the field of medicine , she has held various positions, such as the President of the Italian Society of Medical Pedagogy (SIPEM) or President of the Association Science and Life.

She is Vice-President of the Italian Society of Medical Informatics (AIIM), member of the National Bioethics Committee , member of the National Observatory of the Family , and is present in the scientific committee of numerous associations, such as the Italian Institute of Social Medicine .

Professor of History of Medicine , has paid particular attention to the field of Pedagogy medical and bioethics , and since 1991 is the Director of the Department for Education and Teaching Research Biomedical Campus University of Rome .

From 1973 to 1990 he directed a teen orientation center , with a counseling service for parents. He has collaborated with the Lombardy IRRSAE in conducting training-oriented teaching activity, especially in the field of health education.

He participates in a training project for teachers, oriented mainly to the improvement of communicative competence in the clinical and didactic field, and coordinates a course of Improvement of Clinical Tutelage, field in which he has produced a monographic series.

Research activity

Projects in progress

  • Research project on comprehensive care for autistic children.
  • Research project on the stimulation of gifted children.
  • Research project on umbilical cord donation.
  • Family Project: New General Model.

Projects executed

  • Action project with the University of Krakow , University of Amsterdam and University of Antwerp for the harmonization of curricula and the recognition of credits with the aim of promoting educational exchange at European level.
  • Promotion and coordination of a research project on the pedagogical model of care in the field of specialized nursing.
  • She participates in a nursing research project at the University of Nebraska .
  • Scholastic research project and didactic methodology: Holland , Belgium , France , Spain , Germany and Italy . Academic Orientation Forum (FEDORA).
  • Project for the development of nursing in the clinical area, in collaboration with the University of Navarra and the University of Edinburgh .

In addition, it has coordinated several research groups in collaboration with various entities and institutions.


Books and publications of Paola Binetti

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He has written more than 200 articles and numerous books in the field of medicine, psychology and education.