Organization of Jews in Bulgaria

The Jewish Organization in Bulgaria (OJB) coordinates the different Jewish municipalities, which contain around 8000 Jews , in Bulgaria . The work of this organization is to create a wide variety of programs and projects in the field of the Jewish way of life. Shalom- OJB contains the following activities:

  • Preserve and promote Jewish values ​​and traditions in an ethnic, linguistic and cultural way
  • Defend the constitutional rights of members of the organization, as well as that of all Jews in Bulgaria vis-a-vis the state, its organs and other public and political institutions in the country
  • Activities against racism, totalitarianism, undemocratic tendencies, fascism, anti-Semitism and national chauvinism
  • The work together with organizations within and outside the country that correspond to the principles of democracy and human rights
  • Organization of seminars, educational facilities and other training sites
  • Public relations and the popularization of Jewish values
  • Promotion of family education and culture
  • Organization of concerts, theater and book presentations
  • File creation
  • Preserving historical sites (synagogue, graves, monuments, etc.)

Since 2005, an Austrian young man supports this work through the Austrian Service Abroad and the Austrian Memory Service .


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