Order of the Solar Temple

The Order of the Solar Temple (in French OTS : Ordre du Temple Solaire ) was an esoteric group, classified as a sect , and mainly active in France , Switzerland and Canada .


According to Robert Chabrier – member of the sect and author of the book ¿Pourquoi la résurgence de l’Ordre du Temple? Take the premiere: “Le Corps” (1975) -, Luc Jouret had taken some concepts of Freemasonry , Rosicrucianism , homeopathy , etc. The aims of the order were to establish “some clear notions of authority and power in the world”; Reaffirm the superiority of the spiritual over the temporal; Prepare humanity for a great “transition,” and prepare it for the return of Jesus Christ as the “solar god-king” to unify all Christian churches and Islam .


In 1984, the French Rosicrucian Joseph di Mambro (1924-1994) and Belgian neo-Nazi homeopath and military Luc Jouret (October 18, 1947 – October 5, 1994) founded the sect in Geneva (Switzerland) under the name Ordre International Chevaleresque of Tradition Solaire (chivalric international order of solar tradition).

The 1 of October of 1994 , Di Mambro ordered the death of Emmanuel Dutoit, a son of a member of the sect, Tony Dutoit baby three months. At a branch of the sect in Morin Heights (near Quebec ) in Canada, the baby was stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake. Di Mambro claimed that the baby was the Antichrist described in the New Testament . He believed that the Antichrist had been born into his group to prevent Di Mambro from succeeding in his spiritual journey.

The 3 of October of 1994 , the group assisted in the deaths of several followers who had taken tranquilizers.

The 4 of October of 1994 , Jouret and Di Mambro ate sumptuously in a restaurant, where they performed the ritual of the Last Supper .

The 5 as October as 1994 in Switzerland 48 members die by gunfire and are subsequently burned.

After the death of both leaders, the sect was dissolved. However, the 23 of December of 1995 , in Vercors (France) 16 bodies charred followers (3 of them minors) were found.

The 15 of January of 1998 saw the death of 33 people (8 of them minors) of members of the Order in brothels burned.

It is not known for certain how many of the members of the Order participated in collective suicides and there is speculation that some were killed.

Another group with similar name

The Order of the Solar Temple has no relation to the Order of the Temple (OSMTJ-OSMTHU) despite the popular belief that Templar Knights had masonic ideas. The historical evidence against it is irrefutable: both orders have nothing in common except the name.

The sect in Spain

The Order of the Solar Temple is also based in Spain , especially in the Canary Islands . In fact, in 1984, the founder of the sect, Luc Jouret, gave a lecture on the island of Tenerife . 1 In the south of the island lived the leader of the order in Spain, 2 in addition the only Spaniard who died in the suicides of the Order of the Solar Temple was a hairdresser precisely from Tenerife. 3 In 1998, a sect was suspected of attempting to commit a ritual suicide in the Teide National Park (Tenerife), but was prevented by the authorities. Both the Spanish and German police initially linked the sect to the Order of the Solar Temple. 4

In 2001, the survivors of the sect settled in Vera (Almeria) , where they continue to develop their activities. [ Citation needed ]


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