The Nietzscheans (in Latin , Homo sapiens invictus ) are a race of the TV series Andromeda . They are genetically modified humans. They were the cause of the fall of the Commonwealth after a bloody civil war. His philosophy is based on the teachings of the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and social Darwinism . They also read Ayn Rand .

Drago Museveni was the first authentic Nietzschean born in 3477.


They are organized by clans, those who govern different worlds, the most known are:

  • Clan Drago-Kasov: to which Drago Museveni belonged and maximum leader of the nation Nietzscheana; It is also the only clan that does not kill the defective born (example: birth sterile)
  • Clan Kodiak: to which Tyr Anasazi belongs, has the mission to guard the body of Drago, since the legend indicates that Drago would reincarnate and the body would prove the genetic purity of the candidate.
  • Clan Saber (allied to the Jaguar Clan by marriage arrangement)
  • Clan Jaguar (ally to the Clan Saber by marriage arrangement)
  • Clan Orca (Clan on the verge of extinction)
  • Al-Sharif Clan

Social structure

It is structured in clans and groups, each clan consists of several groups, each group is led by an Alpha, who is the undisputed leader, who has the right to be chosen by women who wish to be one of their wives, then there are others Men structured by their power, women have almost the same rights as men, participate in battles although their main function is to select a strong and genetically superior male as a husband, educate the offspring in Nietzschean values ​​and ensure the continuity of the race.

The family must be approved by the matriarch of the clan and consider the cunning, strength, power and genetic purity of the candidate. Each couple seeks to have as many children as possible, in a chapter of the series Tyr Anasazi (leader of the extinct clan Kodiak) illustrates: “… Nietzschean relations between man and woman are an intense negotiation of sex, power and strength, The more children you have, the more of me you will live, the more of me is projected into eternity. ” In another chapter Tyr leaves pregnant a Nietzschean woman, pretends to ally to the clan of her (Clan Orca), betrays to the leader, steals the secrets of the clan to later destroy the world in which they lived, while they travel refugees the mother tells its daughter : “On the one hand, I abandoned you and left your son at the mercy of the defeated (offers you an abortive blue bottle), on the other hand was stronger, sly and clever than the leader … the decision is yours … “.

Most Nietzscheans choose names of famous historical figures of the Earth, with great predilection for mixing names from different continents. Some examples: Napoleon-Cortez; Stalin-Pinochet, Cuauhtémoc-Hutu, Charlemagne-Bolivar, etc.

Physical characteristics

Nietzscheans are bigger, stronger, faster than humans, immune to most poisons and diseases, can breathe in toxic environments without problems and can hold their breath for 20 minutes, eat a huge variety of things and take pride To survive where humans do not.

Most of the Nietzscheans have built-in genetic engineering in their organism to make them even stronger, faster and more intelligent, it is not uncommon to use nanotechnology and the genetic passage of nanomachines from the maternal bloodstream to the fetus.

Maxims and appointments

  • The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.
  • (On drugs): they generate dependence, dependence is weakness, and weakness is death.
  • When a Nietzschean reads Machiavelli, he seems to be an innocent romantic.
  • Of course Nietzscheans love their children, the problem is that they are the only thing they love.
  • “The difference between the Jaguar Clan and the Drago-Kazov? A Jaguar will stab you in the back to gain advantage.A Drago Kazov will stab you to know if your dagger is sharp.” –Carlomagno Bolívar
  • “Absolute power corrupts absolutely, which is a problem, if you are someone without power.” –Drago Musevini, “Manifesto”
  • For a Nietzschean, a game is never “just a game”.
  • The soul of the Nietzscheans is this: We are arrogant. We are Vanidos. We are manipulative. We are selfish. And we love our children. – Drago Musevini, “Primary Reflections”.
  • “It matters little how we shall die, it is enough that we die better men than we imagine we could be … and not worse than we feared.” –Drago Musevini