Martha Sulay Gonzalez

Martha Gonzalez or Martha Solay González ( Pereira , 1971 – Pereira ; November to June of 2007 ) was one woman Colombian whose staff, pregnant and situation cancer , resulted in the judgment C-355 of 10 May 2006 of the Court Constitutional of Colombia that allowed abortion in Colombia , until then illegal, in three specific situations: malformation of the fetus, pregnancy due to rape, or when the life of the mother is in danger. 1 2 3 4

Case of Martha Sulay González

In 2005, against all odds, since Martha Sulay had had a tubal ligation in order to have no more children – she was already the mother of three daughters – she became pregnant. By the fourth week of pregnancy and a routine gynecological examination she was found to have cervical cancer in the early stages requiring chemotherapy to save her life. He requested -for evidence that the chemotherapy treatment would end the pregnancy-the termination of the pregnancy and was denied the illegality of the procedure at that time -2005. She requested radiation therapy , but was denied because this treatment would also have ended with her pregnancy. The pregnancy continued and gave birth to her fourth daughter, by then the cancer had metastasized into several organs and did not admit of treatment. 1 2 5 6 7

Judgment C-355 of the Court Constitution of 2006

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Martha Sulay Gonzalez continued to demand the legal changes required to legally access abortion induced in Colombia and that her case would not recur. The public disclosure of his case and the legal claims filed by lawyers Mónica del Pilar Roa López , Pablo Jaramillo Valencia and Marcela Abadía Cubillos, Juana Dávila Sáenz and Laura Porras Santanilla against the unconstitutionality of several articles of the Criminal Code Act of 2000- Concluded in the ruling of Constitutional Court C-355 of May 10, 2006, legalizing induced abortion in Colombia in three cases: malformation of the fetus, pregnancy due to rape, or when the life of the mother is in danger . 8 9 10

The sentence did not serve Martha Sulay, it was too late, the disease was very advanced. He died on June 11, 2007 at the age of 37, leaving 4 orphaned mothers – Jenny, Valeria, María José and Daniela. 11 12 13


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