Manifesto of Madrid

The manifesto of Madrid 1 2 is a document signed by a group of more than 2,000 scientists, professors and intellectuals 3 from different branches of Biomedicine , Humanities and Social Sciences , headed by professors Nicolás Jouve , Luis Franco Vera and César Nombela and presented in Madrid by the platform 4 the 18 of March of 2009 as the ” Madrid Declaration “. Originally it was going to be called ” Manifesto of the 300 “, 5 but it changed its name by the one of ” Manifesto of Madrid ” because already before its presentation counted on more than three hundred signatures.

The manifesto is against the reform of abortion legislation that has prompted the Spanish Government to legalize abortion induced during the first 14 weeks of gestation. The basic premise of the manifesto is that life begins at the moment of conception , and that any legislative initiative that affects the legal regime of abortion must assume this premise. The manifesto also states that abortion is tantamount to an “interruption of a human life,” which is “a tragedy for society.” It also defends the right to conscientious objection for medical personnel responsible for abortion and opposes the 16 and 17 year olds to be able to abort without the need for parental consent.

The statements of the Manifesto

The Manifesto is articulated in twelve points, which affirm the following:

  • That there is ample scientific evidence that life begins at the time of fertilization : Genetics points out that fertilization is the moment when the unique genetic identity is constituted, Cellular biology explains that multicellular beings are constituted from a single initial cell and Embryology describes the embryonic and fetal development, revealing how it unfolds without interruption ;
  • That the zygote , then embryo and then the fetus, are not part of any organ of the mother, but is the first bodily reality of the human being , a new and unique being, different from his father and his mother ;
  • That an abortion is not only the “voluntary interruption of pregnancy” but the “interruption of a human life” ;
  • That it is necessary for the woman to be aborted, to do so freely, after informed and precise knowledge of the procedure and its consequences, since abortion is a drama with two victims: one who dies and the other who survives and suffers daily Consequences of an irreparable decision ;
  • That women who decide to have an abortion should be aware of the psychological consequences of such an act and, in particular, of the psychopathological picture known as the ” Postabortion Syndrome “ ;
  • That the freedom of conscientious objection in this matter must be respected by the doctor who does not wish to participate in abortion ;
  • That abortion is a tragedy for society , and if it is indifferent to the slaughter of about 120,000 babies a year it is a failed and sick society ;
  • That abortion is neither and can not be a right , an unrestricted Law of Abortion, would make the woman the sole responsible for a violent act against the life of her own child ;
  • That abortion is especially hard for a 16-17-year-old girl who is trying to deprive her parents of their presence, advice and support in making the decision to continue their pregnancy or to abort .

Support to the manifesto

In April 2009, the Royal and Illustrious Royal College of Physicians of Seville 6 met its Board of Directors in plenary session and unanimously agreed to adhere to the Manifesto of Madrid, promoted by intellectuals and scientists opposed to governmental plans for abortion. He did so under the statement that ” There is plenty of scientific evidence that life begins at the time of fertilization .”

In June 2009, the Illustrious Medical Association of Madrid , 7 supported the manifesto of Madrid under the bases that ” Life begins with the fertilization of the egg, at which time an individual living being created with its genetic map determined And with a life expectancy in the developed world of 80 years, “said Miguel García Alarilla, vice president of the school, in the press release. In that sense, the text concludes , ” there is no discontinuity, there is no time when we can say that there was something prehuman and then a human being .”

In September 2009, the Spanish National Bioethics Commission 8 recognizes that the nasciturus is a human being. The Commission, born under the Law of Biomedicine, had no choice but to pronounce, and the pro-reform reform itself calls into question its own purpose and functionality, if not pronounced.

In October 2009, the Official College of Physicians of Cadiz 9 recalled that conscientious objection of health professionals is a “fundamental right” that is “expressly recognized” by the Constitutional Court (TC) in its judgment 53/1985 The “relevance” that “has regained” in the social debate on the reform of the Law of Abortion. This statement is part of the reform of the law of abortion proposed by the Socialist government, which prevents the exercise of conscientious objection to doctors to refuse to perform abortions.


The Madrid Declaration has led to the appearance of a counter-statement 10 11 at the end of March 2009, written by Ginés Morata 12 – Research Professor at the Center for Scientific Research and Prince of Asturias Award – with many supports in the same state body (CSIC), entitled ” Against the ideological use of scientific facts13 and signed by hundreds of people, including at least 17 academics and scientists, 14 which criticizes the repeated use of the term “scientist” “To refer to matters which, according to the signatories, do not belong to the field of science. This counter-statement denounces what they call ” growing ideological and partisan use of science, ” accusing “to confuse society by presenting as scientific arguments what belongs to the realm of personal, ideological or religious beliefs ” since, , ” The moment in which a being can be considered human can not be established by scientific criteria “.

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