Kwisatz Haderach

Kwisatz Haderach , literally, “The Shortest Way”, is a term used in the saga of novels Dune of Frank Herbert .

Under this name, typical of the Bene Gesserit , hides “the unknown”, the perfect human being that the Bene Gesserit Brotherhood tried to achieve by controlled genetic manipulation for generations. The end result would be a “male” Bene Gesserit with immense powers, capable of bridging space and time, seeing the future, and accessing other male Memories , restricted to Reverend Mothers .

The plans of the Bene Gesserit implied Baron Vladimir Harkonnen as source of the original sperm in the penultimate generation of the manipulation; His natural daughter Dame Jessica , later a Reverend Mother, was delivered as a concubine to Duke Leto Atreides to father a daughter. However, out of love for him, Jessica fathered a child, Paul Atreides , who on the planet Arrakis ( Dune ) became the long-awaited Kwisatz Haderach , though out of control of the Bene Gesserit.


” Dune ” by Frank Herbert .