Katti Anker Moller

Katti Anker Møller (October 23, 1868 – August 20, 1945) was a feminist advocate of child rights and a pioneer in the struggle for reproductive rights . After her death she was known as the “mother’s lawyer”.

He was born in Hamar under the name of Cathrine Anker, daughter of Herman Anker . He had nine brothers and grew up in the first popular university in Hamar, founded by his father. She trained as a teacher and spent a year in France where her contact with the lives of prostitutes and single mothers affected her deeply. Her mother died at age 50, apparently exhausted by the number of pregnancies she had although her number of children was normal for the time.

He married his cousin Kai Møller of Torsnes , now part of Fredrikstad , in 1889, with whom he had three children, including doctor Tove Mohr , whose daughter Tove Pihl has led the movement for the decriminalization of abortion in Norway. Møller became interested in the dangers of multiple motherhood and the situation of single mothers and their children. Her method consisted of traveling and lecturing in local meetings, a revolutionary approach for a woman of that time.

With the collaboration of his brother-in-law Johan Castberg , he worked to legislate for the rights of children born out of wedlock. This task culminated in the enactment of the Castberg laws by the Norwegian parliament in 1915. These laws were innovative at the time by giving illegitimate children full inheritance rights and the right to use their parents’ surnames.

She then focused on the decriminalization of abortion in Norway, an initiative she presented through a conference entitled “The Liberation of Motherhood” , with the subtitle “(…) the right of women to decide on their own body . He found a lively opposition, even on the part of many women.

Despite opposition from opinion leaders such as Sigrid Undset , she established the first “hygiene office” in Oslo to inform women about contraception .

He went on to state that “all my achievements have been to pay homage to my mother .


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