Juno (film)

Juno (titled Juno in Spain , The young life of Juno in Argentina , Juno: Growing up , running and stumbling in Mexico , and Juno: Pregnant by accident in Peru ) 1 is a film of 2007 directed by Jason Reitman , written by Diablo Cody and Starring Ellen Page , Michael Cera , Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman . The film premiered on September 8, 2007 at theToronto International Film Festival .

The film was nominated for four Oscars , including Best Picture , but only won in the Best Original Screenplay category . Juno recovered at his box office his initial budget of $ 6.5 million in twenty days; Nineteen of which were premiered in a limited number of cinemas . 4 The film ended up collecting 35 times that amount, becoming the film that has raised more money in the history of the distributor Fox Searchlight Pictures . 5

Juno received a good response from film critic , being included in several selections of the best films of the year. However, the film was criticized by members of both communities prolife and pro – choice by the way they address the issue of abortion .


Juno MacGuff ( Ellen Page ), a sixteen-year-old teenager from Minnesota , discovers she is pregnant with her friend, Paulie Bleeker ( Michael Cera ) after having sex on the sofa in her bedroom. Although initially inclined to abort , at the last moment decides to have the baby and give it up for adoption . With the help of her friend Leah ( Olivia Thirlby ), Juno searches the paper and finds a couple she believes will give her a suitable home. Alongside his father, Mac ( JK Simmons ), Juno meets the couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring ( Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner ) in their expensive home and arrange a private adoption.

As time goes by, Juno befriends Mark, with whom he shares a taste for rock music , horror films and pop culture. Mark, a music composer for television commercials whose rock band and youth are now confined in boxes and to a single room in his house, left aside his dreams to have a conservative life with Vanessa, who longs to be a mother. Due to a failed attempt to have a child, Vanessa looks very anxious in front of Juno and the relationships between them at the beginning are not easy.

The months go by and Juno struggles with the feelings he develops toward the baby’s father, Bleeker, who is clearly – albeit in a passive way – enamored of her. Juno maintains an indifferent attitude towards Bleeker, but when he learns that he invited another girl to the prom, he feels bad and recriminates him. Bleeker reminds her that it was she who asked him to stay aloof and tells her that she broke his heart.

Shortly before the baby is born, Juno visits Mark once again, with whom the friendship relationship begins to flirt. Mark confesses that he will leave Vanessa, which Juno does not accept. Vanessa arrives home and a fight arises between her and Mark on whether it is “a good time” to continue with the adoption process. Juno watches his marriage collapse and leaves. After weeping in her car, she makes a decision and returns to the Loring house, where she leaves a note for Vanessa.

After a talk with his father, Juno recognizes that he loves Bleeker and reveals his feelings to him. Then, in her athletic competition, Bleeker notes that Juno is not in the rostrum and deduces that she is giving birth, then runs to the hospital to be with her. When Bleeker arrives, she comforts her while she cries, and they both decide they do not want to see the baby. Vanessa arrives at the hospital alone and assumes the role of adoptive mother. On the wall of the baby’s room, Vanessa hangs on Juno’s note, which says: “Vanessa: if you go ahead, I will too. Juno. ” The film ends with Juno and Bleeker playing guitar and singing the song ” Anyone Else But You ” by The Moldy Peaches , followed by a kiss between the two.


  • Ellen Page as Juno MacGuff.
  • Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker.
  • Jennifer Garner as Vanessa Loring.
  • Jason Bateman as Mark Loring.
  • Allison Janney as Bren MacGuff.
  • JK Simmons as Mac MacGuff.
  • Olivia Thirlby as Leah.
  • Eileen Pedde as Gerta Rauss.
  • Rainn Wilson as Rollo.
  • Daniel Clark as Steve Rendazo. 6


“You can see it as a movie that celebrates life and birth, or you can see it as a movie about a free girl who makes a decision to continue her freedom. Or you can see it as a kind of twisted love story, you know, a meditation on maturity. “
Diablo Cody. 7

Like Knocked Up and Waitress , two other 2007 films dealing with unwanted pregnancy , Juno was portrayed by some critics as a pro-life message . Ann Hulbert of Slate magazine argued that Juno “[undermines] both purist provided and pro-choice,” 8 while Jeff Dawson of The Sunday Times placed the film within the “subgenre of unwanted pregnancy” along with Knocked Up and Waitress , Due to its content; Although, according to him, the interpretation of the tape as provided only “clouded the matter.” 9 Hadley Freeman of The Guardian criticized Juno for “being one of the American comedies that during the last 12 months has shown abortion as unreasonable, or even inconceivable,” although she says, “I do not think these movies had been consciously designed As pro-life propaganda. ” 10 A. O. Scott , in an article for The New York Times , agreed that Juno presents “an underlying theme, a message that is not anti-abortion but rather pro-adolescent.” 11 Actress Ellen Page commented in an interview, “What I am most frustrated about is that there are people who call her a movie, which is absurd … the most important thing is that the option exists, and the film takes care of Show that ». 12Both Cody and Page have supported the pro – choice ; 13 14 Reitman, however, found “fantastic” that both groups adopted the film. 15 According to him, ” Juno is a mirror, people [on both sides] are reflected in it.” 16

Other critics saw Juno as a feminist , mainly due to the main character, who corresponds to a confident and intelligent young woman. The anti- feminist policy Phyllis Schlafly wrote that Juno’s theme “is not love, romance, or respect for life, but rather the triumph of feminist ideology, for example, the low relevance of man, especially parents ‘. 17 Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe noted that ” Juno shows clever girls something they do not usually see in the movies: themselves.” 18 In interviews about her script, Cody said, “Women are smart, women are funny, women are cunning, I wanted to show that these girls were human and not the stereotypes to which the media have accustomed us” , 19 and that “they needed characters from authentic teenagers … I saw this script as an opportunity to create a female icon”. 2 Page praised the film for its portrayal of teenage girls, describing Juno’s character as “something really stimulating, showing new possibilities of how young women can become”, 12 and described it as “honest but original, far from any stereotype “, 19 emphasizing in addition that” the girls did not have this type of personages before. We do not have our guardian among the rye . ” 2 Page criticized the description of the media, who saw Juno as a “strong woman,” arguing that if the character had been a man, his “strength” would not have been remarkable. 20 Director Jason Reitman became interested in the personal / political conflict of Jennifer Garner’s character: “feminism paved Vanessa’s career path, but in the end Vanessa decided to become a full-time mother.” 7



Diablo Cody was hired by film producer Mason Novick to write the script for the film. Novick had previously worked with her in her autobiography, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper , after reading her blog . 21 The producer wanted to make a film adaptation of the book, but suggested to Cody to make a first sample script for my studies; This script was later used in Juno . 21 After deciding that the story would focus on the subject of adoption , Cody gathered stories of children and adoptive parents, including that of her husband, who met with her biological parents after she wrote the film. 22 was also inspired by the story of a friend who had become pregnant in high school , even using some details of their experience in the film, as the episode suffered in a session of ultrasound . 9 23 However, much of the film was based on his own experience: Cody had a boyfriend who loves candy tic-tac similar to Paulie, 24 one of his best friends was cheerleader like Leah, and also had a phone with shape Of hamburger identical to the one that appears in the tape. 21 It took about seven weeks to complete the script, which he wrote in a store Starbucks store Target Corporation in Minneapolis ( Minnesota ). 15 Cody compared the work of writing with breathing, considering Juno as part of herself. 13

Novick sent Cody’s script to his friend Jason Reitman ; When he had read the half, Reitman thought that if he did not direct the film he would regret the rest of his life. 15 At first, Reitman found it unlikely that he would be chosen to direct the film, since his first film, Thanks for Smoking , had not yet been released. 25 Although other directors were considered, including Brett Simon and Jon Poll , 26 27 Reitman was finally chosen to lead Juno . 28 Cody was skeptical about the viability movie, as he thought no one would produce it 2 and, in fact, there were some financing problems. 29 After being rejected by several studies, the company of John Malkovich , Mr. Mudd , took over the project in February which was subsequently adopted by the company Mandate Pictures of Jim Miller . 30


After seeing her performance in the movie Hard Candy , Reitman chose Ellen Page to play the main character, since she imagined it as Juno the first time she read the script. 31 The director visited her to give her the role while Page worked on a new movie. 32 Reitman also sent the script to JK Simmons, who had worked on his previous film, Thanks for Smoking , but without informing him that he would play Mac. Simmons said in an interview that after reading the script, he would be happy to play even the teacher Of Juno that has no dialogue. 33 Some of the actors the director had in mind from the beginning were Olivia Thirlby – who auditioned for the role of Juno – and Michael Cera. 34 Reitman took them with Page and Simmons to California where they filmed 45 pages of the script in 35mm film against a black curtain. Subsequently presented the tape in Fox Searchlight, explaining that it was the initial cast. 35 The director stressed the importance of doing these tests together instead of individual auditions, since “this film deals with relationships and holding auditions separately, one by one in front of the casting director, it made no sense.” 35

Jennifer Garner, who accepted a lower salary than usual to not exceed the budget of the film 36 was confirmed by Reitman as part of the project in January 2007 . 37 After acting with Jason Bateman in The Kingdom , Garner recommended it to Reitman when they met, so Bateman was chosen to play Mark, 15 being the last actor to join the film. 38 Lucas McFadden, a DJ and record producer better known as Cut Chemist , had a cameo as Juno and Paulie’s chemistry teacher. McFadden was working for Reitman when he received the script for the film and the director asked him to appear on it; 39 Reitman argued that it was ironic that the professor of chemistry was interpreted by the DJ, mainly by its artistic name (“chemist” is “chemical” in English). 40


Juno had a budget of 6.5 million dollars in February and was filmed in Vancouver , British Columbia , 41 instead of Minnesota , where originally the shooting have taken place. 42 Although US studios generally film movies in Canada because of the lower costs involved, 43 Reitman clarified that the choice of shooting location for Juno did not depend on this. 41 Some of the locations chosen for filming included a house located near White Rock as the home of Mark and Vanessa, 44 Eric Hamber High School as the Juno School – called Dancing Elk in the film – 45 and South Park Surrey as the athletic track of said school. 46

After some rehearsals , 47 filming ranged from early February to late March 2007, 48 covering a six-week program, 41 of which 30 days were designated for filming. 44 46 The film crew decided to use artificial snow for the winter scenes, 46 but during the shooting a snowfall fell and they could roll without needing it; According to the assistant director, Josy Capkun, the amount of snow used was greater than planned. 41Although the film was not filmed in a linear fashion, the final scene was scheduled for the last day; However this was affected by a long period of rain, which led the team to think about postponing it some months, since it was set in summer. However, the rain stopped and they could perform the scene without major inconveniences. 46 The final scene shows Juno and Paulie singing ” Anyone Else But You ” of The Moldy Peaches , so Kimya Dawson visited Ellen Page and Michael Cera while rehearsing the song in the film location. twenty


The soundtrack of the film includes several songs from the solo work of Kimya Dawson and his two bands, Antsy Pants and The Moldy Peaches . This was the product of a suggestion by actress Ellen Page . According to director Jason Reitman,

Before I started filming the movie, I asked Ellen Page, “What kind of music do you think Juno listens to?” And he said “The Moldy Peaches”. Page went to my computer, put the songs and I fell in love with them. We talked to Diablo about including a song from The Moldy Peaches in a scene where the main characters sing to each other. I contacted Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches, and she started sending me her work, which was great, and it became a big part of the soundtrack. fifty

Reitman contacted Dawson, who, after reading the film script, accepted that his songs were used on the tape, so he sent the director a pack of CDs with about 120 songs. 31 The songs had been published almost entirely by Dawson, 15 who did not do them especially for Juno but had recorded them before. 51 Reitman asked the singer if she could record instrumental songs, in which she hummed the lyrics of some songs. 52 The director also contacted the composer Mateo Messina , who had worked alongside him in Gracias for smoking , to make the incidental music of the tape. Reitman gave the composer some songs by Dawson and asked him to perform his songs following the tone of that music. 52 According to Messina, the acoustic guitars used had a jarring and loose, like Juno sound personality. 53 After experimenting with several types of guitar, he chose a call “Stella”, belonging to the guitarist Billy Katz . Messina described the sound of the instrument as “something metallic, not very tuned, but of great personality.” Katz was hired to play the acoustic guitar and the classical one in the soundtrack. 53

Page also suggested a version of Cat Power’s ” Sea of ​​Love ” song , but Reitman was reluctant to include it as it had been played in the 1989 film Melody of Seduction ; However, he finally decided to do so, since its inclusion could be part of the references that Juno made to other tapes. 52 Reitman felt the version of Sonic Youth song ” Superstar ” perfectly defined the relationship between Juno and Mark, as each character preferred a different version of it. 52 The song ” A Well Respected Man ” by the group The Kinks had been chosen by Reitman for the script of another film, but decided to use it in the scene where Paulie appears. 52 Reitman discovered the song “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar after searching for iTunes , using several words and names associated with the themes treated by the film. 52


The idea of ​​representing the story according to different seasons came when director Jason Reitman read the script. According to him, this reflects the three quarters of Juno’s pregnancy. 7 Because the film was filmed in thirty days, artificial plants were used to represent the stations and others were edited in post-production. For example, brown leaves were digitally added to the tree outside the Juno house, while those of the cherry tree in Leah’s house were obscured to represent autumn; Also a fan was used to blow the leaves in some scenes, as if they were falling from the trees. Some artificial flowers were also added outside of Paulie’s house for the final scene, which takes place in summer. 40 Reitman used different colors to highlight certain characters, such as the athletic team’s uniform or Juno’s red jacket. 7

Writer Diablo Cody was impressed with the work of the artistic direction team, which worked guided by a few sentences of her script. For example, he referred to Juno’s room as “a very emotional set for me, as it reminded me of the small habitat I had when I was a teenager.” 54 The design of the rooms sought to reflect the personality of the characters, Juno’s was covered with posters of musical groups, Leah’s had a mural with photographs of men she considered attractive, while Paulie’s was more “childish.” 40 Production design manager Steve Saklad explained that Mark and Vanessa’s house was created under the assumption that “Vanessa had read several decorative magazines and that she tried to copy them as best she could.” 7 The costume design was run by Monique Prudhomme , whose work was nominated for the Costume Designers Guild Awards in the category “Excellence in Costume Design for a Movie”. 55 Prudhomme chose clothes for Vanessa was “simple and tasteful” but with a “perfectionist personality , ” while Mark chose a more conservative clothing that were consistent with the like Vanessa. 7 Actress Ellen Page suggested much of Juno’s outfit in the film. 2 Page used two types of prosthetic bellies during filming, which fit like a corset on the back, plus a variety of fake breasts. 56 57 For the ultrasound scene a real belly was used, 56 and the images that appear on the monitor corresponded to the son of Scott Sanders, sound technician of the film; Which were added in post-production. 58

Initial Credits

The film’s opening credits consist of an animated sequence that shows Juno walking through the city while drinking orange juice . The animation was done over a period of 7 to 8 months by Shadowplay, a small design studio located in Los Angeles ( California ). 40 Reitman met Garet Smith, co-founder of the studio, while they were at a film festival in Japan , where both presented their short films. 59 Shadowplay had worked for Reitman in his previous film, Thanks for Smoking , so the director contacted them again when he learned that he would lead Juno . 60 Smith worked with the artist Jenny Lee in the animation, based on posters of punk-rock groups of the 70’s. The idea was to create a sequence that “had texture and some edges, but also transmitted the warmth and heart of the script”. 61 During the last days of filming in Vancouver, actress Ellen Page was photographed with a high – speed camera from various angles while walking. 59 900 photographs of Page were printed and passed several times by a photocopier to lose their quality until a handmade drawing effect. 60 The images were then cropped and scanned into the computer, where they were incorporated into the backgrounds drawn by Lee. 59 The animation was achieved through stop motion and was added the song “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar, which was chosen by Reitman. 52 Shadowplay also created the images that showed the name of each season of the year in the movie and the font of the initial and final credits, as well as collaborating in the design of the soundtrack and DVD. 40 61



After an initial screening at the Film Festival Telluride the 1 of September 2007, 62 Juno premiered on September 8 of the same year at the Toronto International Film Festival . When the film ended, the audience gave a standing ovation, to which film critic Roger Ebert added: “I do not remember hearing such a long, strong and warm ovation.” 63 The film was shown at numerous film festivals, including those in Austin , Rome , London , Bahamas , San Luis , Stockholm , Thessaloniki , Gijón , Palm Springs and Rotterdam , earning awards and nominations in several of them. 64 65 66 67 68

Although its release in theaters was scheduled for December 15, 2007, the date was advanced to take advantage of the positive reviews that the film had received at festivals, 69 so it had a premiere in a limited number of cinemas on 5 December, being shown in seven cinemas in Los Angeles and New York . 70 The film was later released in 25 rooms in thirteen different cities on December 14, increasing the number of these on December 21 before its mass release on the 25th of that month. 70 In Spain and most of the countries of Hispano – America it was released in February of 2008. In Spain the film received the same title that in its original version, whereas in the countries of Hispano-America was modified: In Argentina was known like the young life Of Juno , in Mexico as Juno: Growing, running and stumbling and in Peru as Juno: Pregnant by accident . 1

After its release, Fox Searchlight sent hamburger phones – similar to the one used by Juno- to several journalists and film critics to get their attention on the film. 71 Although at first phones were distributed only in promotional events, some companies not affiliated with Fox Searchlight began to manufacture and sell through eBay and other websites. 72 73 The month following Juno ‘s premiere , phone sales rose 759% on eBay 73 and was included in the “Top 10 Gifts for Moviegoers” by Entertainment Weekly magazine . 74 In June 2008 a line of Be @ rbrick toys inspired by the film was launched in Japan and created as part of a contest. 75

DVD / Blu-ray

The DVD and Blu-ray version of the film began commercialization on April 15, 2008. The version of a disc of the DVD includes the film, comments of Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, eleven eliminated scenes, cinematographic tests and scenes eliminated , among others. For its part, the two-disc version has the same content plus some extras, plus a version of the movie for portable players. The Blu-ray version includes all of this plus two videos: ” Fox Movie Channel Presents: Juno World Premiere” and “Fox Movie Channel Presents: Casting Session”. 76



With a limited release in just seven Los Angeles and New York cinemas , Juno grossed $ 420 113 in its first weekend, averaging $ 60 016 per room. 70 When Juno became the first Fox Searchlight film to surpass the $ 100 million barrier at the box office, company president Peter Rice referred to the achievement : “This is an amazing feat that has surpassed all Our expectations. We knew the movie had potential and resonated in audiences throughout the country. ” 5 The film grossed 143 million dollars in the United States and 84 million in the rest of the countries, making a total of 228 worldwide. 3 Juno was also the most money-raising film among the five Oscar nominees for Best Picture in 2007. 77


The film has received a good response from film critics ; The film scored 94% positive reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website , based on a total of 204 reviews, 78 and was rated as the best comedy film of 2007. 79 On the Metacritic site , the film earned a rating of 81 / 100, based on a total of 38 reviews. 80 Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave her the highest rating and referred to it as “the best movie of the year … Was this year a better performance than Ellen Page playing Juno? I do not think so”. 81 The critic reaffirmed his position in 2009, referring to Juno as one of the best films of the decade. 82

However, not all film critics shared this view of Juno . David Edelstein of New York magazine wrote that the film desperately sought to “be fashionable among teenagers, that young people use the same jargon of the film and buy the soundtrack.” 83 Jim DeRogatis of Chicago SunTimes criticized the stylized dialogue of the film, how was the issue of abortion and the ingenuity of Juno in relation to pregnancy, adding: “as a feminist old school, as a parent of a daughter Pre-teen, as a journalist who often talks to young people because of his work and as a movie buff, I hated, hated, hated this movie. ” 84

Best movies of the year

Juno was included by several film critics in lists that brought together “the best films of 2007”. The location that the film obtained in the respective lists, next to the name of the critic and the means of communication for which it works:

  • 1 ° Roger Ebert , Chicago Sun-Times . 85
  • 1 ° – Paste Magazine . 86
  • 2 ° – USCCB (draw with Bella ). 87
  • 3 ° – David Germain , Associated Press . 88
  • 3 ° – Moviefone . 89
  • 4 ° – James Berardinelli , ReelViews . 90
  • 4 ° – Lou Lumenick , New York Post . 91
  • 4 ° – Richard Roeper , Chicago Sun-Times . 92
  • 6 ° – Claudia Puig , USA Today 91
  • 6 ° – Desson Thomson , The Washington Post . 91
  • 6 ° – Joe Morgenstern , The Wall Street Journal . 91
  • 6 ° – Liam Lacey and Rick Groen , The Globe and Mail . 91
  • 6 ° – Marc Savlov , The Austin Chronicle . 91
  • 7 ° – Corina Chocano , Los Angeles Times . 91
  • 7th – Carrie Rickey , The Philadelphia Inquirer . 91
  • 10 ° – AO Scott , The New York Times (tie with Knocked Up and Superbad ). 91
  • 10 ° – Peter Travers , Rolling Stone (tie with Knocked Up ). 93
  • 10. Stephen Holden , The New York Times . 91


The film received four nominations for the 2007 Oscars : best original screenplay , won by Diablo Cody, Best Picture , Best Director and Best Actress for Ellen Page. 94

Director Jason Reitman was disappointed to learn that Juno had not been nominated for the Canadian Genie Awards : “He is a Canadian director, Canadian stars, Canadian cast, Canadian team, was filmed in Canada – how we did not qualify For a Genie if David Cronenberg ‘s film about Russians living in London , filmed in England with British crew and cast yeah? I’m sorry, but someone will have to explain it to me; I do not get it”. Sara Morton, director of the Canadian Academy of Film and Television , explained in a statement that the film was not considered for the awards because according to the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office could not be defined as a Canadian production. 95 The Hollywood Reporter magazine explained that the Genie Awards consider Canadians as films that are, at least partially, funded by companies in Canada. Therefore , Juno , being funded by US companies Mandate Pictures and Fox Searchlight, was not considered. 95 However, Genie spokesman Chris McDowall clarified that it was not considered since it was never submitted for evaluation; According to him, “financing is one of the criteria, but it is not the only one”. 95 Despite this, the film was nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards , receiving two awards.

Prize Category Receiver (s) Result
80th Oscar Awards 94 Best Original Screenplay Diablo Cody Winner
Best film Nominated
Best director Jason Reitman Nominated
Best actress Ellen Page Nominated
65th Golden Globes 96 97 Best musical or comedy film Nominated
Best musical or comedy actress Ellen Page Nominated
Best screenplay Diablo Cody Nominated
61st BAFTA Awards 98 Best Original Screenplay Winner
Best actress Ellen Page Nominated
Critic’s Choice Awards 99 Best Screenwriter Diablo Cody Winner
Best comedy Winner
Best film Nominated
Best actress Ellen Page Nominated
Best Young Actor Michael Cera Nominated
Best cast Ellen Page , Michael Cera , JK Simmons , Olivia Thirlby , Allison Janney , Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman Nominees
National Board of Review 100 Revelation actress Ellen Page Winner
Best Original Screenplay Diablo Cody Winner
14th Actors Guild Awards 100 Best Leading Actress Ellen Page Nominated
Satellite Awards 101 Best musical or comedy actress Ellen Page Winner
Best musical or comedy film Winner
Writers Guild of America Awards 102 Best Original Screenplay Diablo Cody Winner
Independent Spirit Awards 103 Best film Winner
Best Leading Actress Ellen Page Winner
Best First Screenplay Diablo Cody Winner
Best director Jason Reitman Nominated
Rome Film Feast 64 Best film Winner
MTV Movie Awards 2008 100 Best actress Ellen Page Winner


The soundtrack to Juno includes nineteen songs from artists like Barry Louis Polisar , Belle & Sebastian , Buddy Holly , Cat Power , The Kinks , Mott the Hoople , Sonic Youth and The Velvet Underground , and several of Kimya Dawson with his two bands, The Moldy Peaches and Antsy Pants . It was marketed by record company Rhino Entertainment and became the first soundtrack to reach the highest number of sales since Dreamgirls , and the first of 20th Century Fox from Titanic . It also became the first Rhino Entertaiment album to reach number one sales position, reaching the top of the Billboard 200 in its fourth week. 104

Rhino announced in March 2008 that it would be marketed a side B of the soundtrack , called Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs . The album was released on April 8 and was available only through iTunes . This new volume consisted of a collection of fifteen songs that were considered for the film but that were not included. The artists on this B-side include the aforementioned Kimya Dawson, Barry Louis Polisar, Belle & Sebastian and Buddy Holly, as well as Astrud Gilberto , The Bristols , Jr. James & The Late Guitar , Trio Los Panchos , Yo La Tengo and Ellen Page, who sings “Zub Zub”, song written by Diablo Cody for a scene that was eliminated. 105

On November 25, 2008, a “luxury edition” of the soundtrack was released, which consisted of songs from the previous two, plus some storyboards from the film and comments from director Jason Reitman. 106 On February 8, 2009, Juno ‘s soundtrack received a Grammy Award for Best Score in a Soundtrack. 107

List of songs

  1. Barry Louis Polisar – “All I Want Is You” (2:37)
  2. Kimya Dawson – “My Rollercoaster” (0:53)
  3. The Kinks – ” A Well Respected Man ” (2:41)
  4. Buddy Holly – “(Ummm, Oh Yeah) Dearest” (1:53)
  5. Mateo Messina – “Up the Spout” (0:53)
  6. Kimya Dawson – “Tire Swing” (3:07)
  7. Belle & Sebastian – “Piazza, New York Catcher” (3:01)
  8. Kimya Dawson – “Loose Lips” (2:24)
  9. Sonic Youth – ” Superstar ” (4:06)
  10. Kimya Dawson – “Sleep” (0:52)
  11. Belle & Sebastian – “Expectations” (3:35)
  12. Mott the Hoople – ” All the Young Dudes ” (3:35)
  13. Kimya Dawson – “So Nice So Smart” (2:47)
  14. Cat Power – ” Sea of ​​Love ” (2:20)
  15. Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants – “Tree Hugger” (3:14)
  16. The Velvet Underground – “I’m Sticking With You” (2:29)
  17. The Moldy Peaches – “Anyone Else But You” (2:58)
  18. Antsy Pants – “Vampire” (1:20)
  19. Michael Cera and Ellen Page – “Anyone Else but You” (1:56)

Songs used for film and promotion

  • Kimya Dawson – “I Like Giants”
  • Kimya Dawson – “Reminders of Then”
  • Kimya Dawson – “12/26”
  • The Drop – “Why Bother”
  • Astrud Gilberto – “Once I Loved”
  • Heart – ” Crazy on You “
  • Hole – ” Doll Parts “
  • Trio Los Panchos – ” Bésame Mucho “


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