Jose Antonio Kast

José Antonio Kast Rist (n. 18 as January as 1966 ) is a lawyer and political Chilean .

He is currently deputy for District No. 24, corresponding to the communes of La Reina and Peñalolén. Previously he served as deputy for District No. 30 (2002-2014) and as councilman of the commune of Buin. Militant historian of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), until the announcement of his resignation on May 31, 2016.

Family and personal life

Descendant of Germans, is son of Michael Kast Schindele and Olga Rist. He has nine siblings: Barbara, Miguel , Erika, Monica, Christian, Veronica, Gabriela, Hans and Rita. He is uncle of the also politician Felipe Kast .

Married to María Pía Adriasola Barroilhet, she has nine children: Josefina, José Antonio, María Pía, Nicolás, Matías, Trinidad, Agustín, María Isabel and Benjamín.

Kast is a practicing Catholic . 1

Studies and work life

He studied at the German School of Santiago. He entered to study law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile , later becoming a lawyer. He is a member of the Bar Association . Since 1990, he was a lawyer.

In the workplace, from an early age participated in the business of his family in the area of ​​Buin assuming different responsibilities.

In 1989 he participated in the founding of the law firm Kast, Pinochet, De La Cuadra & Cía. He also served as Professor of the Civil and Commercial Law Department at the Economics Institute of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Political career


In his university, he was superior adviser and candidate to the presidency of the Federation of Students of the Catholic University of Chile (FEUC). Also, he was part of the student center of the Law School of his university, where he met Jaime Guzmán , who motivated him to join the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) party.

Between 1996 and 2000 was councilman by the commune of Buin , corresponding to him the exercise of the position of mayor protocolar.


In 2001 he presented himself as a candidate for deputy for District Nº30 corresponding to the communes of Buin, Calera De Tango, Paine, San Bernardo in the Metropolitan Region , being elected with the first majority for the parliamentary period 2002-2006. During this period he was a member of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture, Sports and Recreation; And Family, and was a member of the Special Commission that establishes benefits for the disabled and the Youth Special.

In 2005 he presented himself for reelection by the same district, competing this time with Ramón Farías , in the elections of December of that year was reelecto for the period 2006-2010. It integrates the Commissions of Education, Special of the Youth, Family, Internal Government and the Investigator on creation of race of criminalistics. He has submitted 57 bills.

In 2007 he won the vote among his peers deputy UDI to be the head of the party in the House, 2008 was unanimously reelected. After Hernán Larraín announced on May 29, 2008 that he would not run for re-election as UDI president, 2 3 Kast announced his candidacy for the position, “by proposing to many people within the UDI that we strike a blow to The chair and we play for a young and renewed ideal “. At that time he had the support of Darío Paya , Marisol Turres , Claudio Alvarado , Marcela Cubillos , Rodrigo Álvarez , Felipe Ward , among others. 4 5 However, against Juan Antonio Coloma , supported by leaders like Andres Chadwick , Pablo Longueira and Jovino Novoa , only managed to get 36% of the vote.

In December 2009, he was reelected by the same party and District, for the legislative period 2010 to 2014. Member of the permanent commissions of Education, Sports and Recreation; Health, and Economy, Development and Development. He is part of the parliamentary committee of the UDI. In 2010, Kast faced Juan Antonio Coloma for the UDI Presidency, obtaining 33% of the votes of the General Council. 6 In 2011 he was chosen as head of the UDI bench in the Chamber. He took over as Secretary General of the UDI on March 30, 2012, for a period of two years.

Collection of signatures to register the presidential candidacy of Kast in Paseo Estado , Santiago .

He was pre-candidate for senator for Santiago Oriente with a view to the elections of 2013, although he lowered his candidacy in favor of the exministro Laurence Golborne . After this, it decided to repostular like deputy by the District N ° 24 corresponding to the communes of La Reina and Peñalolén, where finally was chosen for the period 2014-2018. It happened in the position to Maria Angélica Cristi . He is a member of the Permanent Commissions of Science and Technology, of Education, and integrated the Special Investigation Committee on Administration of the ARCIS University, regarding the accreditation process.

On 31 May 2016 he resigned his membership in the UDI. 7 Since then began to collect signatures to raise his independent candidacy to the presidential election of 2017 . Referring to Fig.

Electoral history

Municipal Elections

Municipalities 1996, Vote Candidates by Commune Buin 9

In the following table only those candidates who obtained a position appear.

Candidate Match Votes % Result
Angel Bozan Ramos PPD 9,530 35.31% Mayor
José Antonio Kast Rist ILDUD 6.316 23.40% Councilor
Clemente Errázuriz Arnolds ILDRN 3,851 14.27% Councilor
Ulises Carreño Celis DC 1,264 4.68% Councilor
Edith Letelier Dear Ps 566 2.10% Councilor
Álvaro Bravo UDI 108 0.40% Councilor

Parliamentary elections of 2001

  • Parliamentary elections from 2001 to Deputies by district 30 ( Buin , Calera de Tango , Paine and San Bernardo ) 10
Candidate Covenant Match Votes % Result
José Antonio Kast Rist Alliance for Chile UDI 48,025 35.45 Deputy
Edgardo Riveros Marín Concertation for Democracy PDC 30,056 22.18 Deputy
Gonzalo Navarrete Muñoz Concertation for Democracy PPD 27,879 20.58
Catalina Parot Donoso Alliance for Chile RN 18,138 13.39
Carlos Arrue Puelma Communist Party PC 4.570 3.37
Fernando Ortiz Silva Humanist Party PH 3,302 2.44
Gustavo Enrique González Araya Communist Party PC 2.105 1.55
Juan Domingo Villavicencio Pasten Humanist Party PH 1.412 1.04

Parliamentary elections of 2005

  • Parliamentary elections of 2005 to Deputy for the district 30 ( Buin , Calera de Tango , Paine and San Bernardo ) 11
Candidate Covenant Match Votes % Result
Ramón Farías Ponce Democratic Coordination PPD 54,050 35.70 Deputy
José Antonio Kast Rist alliance UDI 47,950 31.67 Deputy
Edgardo Riveros Marín Democratic Coordination PDC 31,484 20.80
Rosa Oyarce Suazo alliance RN 7.770 5.13
Tania Figueroa Quezada Together We Can More PH 5.520 3.65
Sergio Castro Orellana Together We Can More CCP 4.614 3.05

Parliamentary elections of 2009

  • Parliamentary elections 2009 , district nº30 ( Buin , Calera de Tango , Paine and San Bernardo ) 12
Candidate Covenant Match Votes % Result
José Antonio Kast Rist Coalition for Change UDI 53,423 35.10 Deputy
Ramón Farías Ponce Concertación and Together We can for more democracy PPD 29,335 19.27 Deputy
Patricio Achurra Garfias Concertación and Together We can for more democracy PDC 22,548 14.81
Angel Bozán Ramos Independent (Out of pact) IND 21,079 13.85
Rosa Oyarce Suazo Coalition for Change RN 12,329 8.10
Carlos Caro Briso New Majority for Chile PH 5.052 3.32
Roxana Miranda Meneses Independent (Out of pact) IND 4.332 2.85
Germán Silva Pavez Chile Clean. Happy Vote PRI 2.143 1.41
Alejandro Carpintero Durán Chile Clean. Happy Vote MORE 1.960 1.29

Parliamentary elections of 2013

  • Parliamentary elections of 2013 , to Deputy for the district nº24 ( The Queen and Peñalolén ) 13
Candidate Covenant Match Votes % Result
Jaime Pilowsky Greene New Majority PDC 26,939 20.70 Deputy
Víctor Jeame Barrueto New Majority PPD 26,071 20.03
José Antonio Kast Rist alliance UDI 24,313 18.68 Deputy
Catalina del Real Mihovilovic alliance RN 22,988 17.66
Elementary proficiency Humanist Party PH 11,588 8.90
Claudio Venegas Rojas If you want, Chile changes PRO 7.722 5.93
Virjinia Toro Cepeda New Constitution for Chile SAME 3.324 2.55
Eduardo Giesen Amtmann Humanist Party PH 2.841 2.18
Gonzalo Gachot Hernández If you want, Chile changes PRO 2,667 2.04
Antonio Reyes Guasta New Constitution for Chile SAME 1,683 1.29


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