Jokin Ceberio

Jokin Zeberio ( Bilbao , September 1989 – Fuenterrabia , Guipúzcoa , 21 of September 2004 ) was a teenager Spanish who committed suicide because of bullying and moral continued and repeated by their peers. 1 Although her parents tried by all means to stop the harassment suffered Jokin, they could not prevent Jokin committed suicide. He was a teenager whose school abuse lasted from September of 2003 until September 2004. He committed suicide four days before turning 15 years.

Although it was by no means the first case of bullying in Spain , it was the first to reach media importance due to its great emotional impact. Jokin’s parents were interviewed shortly after the suicide, saying that Jokin often cried in a corner of his room. Subsequently, also the boys of the stalkers, and their parents were imputed in this case.


He was born in Bilbao in September of 1989 , of Navarre Bilbao father and mother. His history of bullying started in 2003 , due to the beginning of the school year. The situation was even more humiliating for Jokin when, due to an intestinal problem he suffered, he suffered from diarrhea in his class and that involuntary fact further aggravated the taunts, insults and beatings that he had been suffering. His parents, who learned about it a month later, decided to talk to the school principal to see if he could do anything. Jokin, embarrassed by this fact that it was not his fault, decided not to go to class for a while; That was the reason why his parents found out what was wrong with him. Some time later, when Jokin dares to return to go to the institute, a group of boys beat up to him, by “chivarse” to have told it to his parents. Thus, Jokin spent a whole course.

In summer , Jokin went to a camp to try to get rid of the aggressors, but that was not what he expected either. He smoked some porro with four companions and they were discovered by a monitor who decided to send a letter to the parents of the boys. All but Jokin managed to hide the letter from their parents. Then Jokin was accused of “sneak” unfairly, because because of him, the parents of the other boys also found out. This made the beatings and mockery of Jokin even more so at the beginning of the next year, since in his old institute they learned of what had happened to him in the summer. Then Jokin decides to miss the institute again for the second time.

One year after the initial event, his companions decided to cover the whole class of toilet paper, and the professor unjustly had him collect the papers from him; 2 while he picked them up, his companions mocked him unceasingly, and Jokin was very ashamed of all this.

Jokin’s parents decided to file a complaint, but the institute convinced them to get everything resolved within the school environment, so they did, but Jokin could not take it any more, because he knew that everything was going to stay the same.

The 21 of September of 2004 , while parents of Jokin, the director and the other parents of bullies gathered to talk, Jokin decided to go on bike to the wall of Fuenterrabía , climbed the wall, and threw himself In vacuum. Later that night, the boy’s parents learned of the suicide by a neighbor who found his corpse. At that time Jokin was 4 days to reach 15 years. 3

Current case

Afterwards, 8 boys were charged with the case, 4 were 8 classmates and 3 were children of the boy’s former teachers, some of these boys have testified before the judge saying that “there were people” who locked him in the gym and Later they would hit him with balls, refusing to acknowledge his guilt in Jokin’s suicide. Others have refused to declare, under the unjust Law of the Child, that protects them.

Jokin’s parents complained against Jokin’s school, 5 more specifically against: the principal, the head of studies, the tutor, and the teacher who made him pick up the paper during the anniversary of the diarrhea, because according to them, no They did nothing to stop the harassment, or they blamed him unjustly. 6 As is often the case in these cases, the center and all teachers were absolved of all charges.

Also, some residents of Fuenterrabía have decided to put flowers and candles in the place where Jokin committed suicide, there have been people who have put in a note things like: “If people had put their hand on this matter, none of this would have Occurred. ” But nobody has dared to say this publicly, nor to point out to the stalkers, even though everyone in the city knows them.

The parents of the children who harassed Jokin were forced to pay the parents compensation of 100,000 euros. Jokin’s case was later commented on by the regional newspapers of the Basque Country and the ABC newspaper .


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