House of Responsibility

The project House of Responsibility ( Haus der Verantwortung, HRB ) emerged in Austria , after Reinhold Klika newspaper Braunauer Rundschau , caused by the participation of the Freedom Party of Austria in the Austrian government, launched the collection of signatures Braunau setzt Ein Zeichen . The political scientist from Innsbruck , Andreas Maislinger , reacted to the call and proposed to establish a House of Responsibility in the birthplace of Adolf Hitler . In its edition of May 4, 2000, the Braunauer Rundschau presented the idea: 2

House of Responsibility

Volunteers from EU countries, Austrian civil service providers and former Austrian Service providers abroad would work and live together in the house. This must be a constant exchange of ideas. The plant is planned for overcoming the unwanted heritage of the Nazi past. The activities on the first floor are dedicated to the present, offering concrete support to people, for example by the Austrian Service Abroad, or projects in favor of human rights or the third world . On the second floor, ideas for a future peaceful would be made.

The philosophical foundation of the project House of Responsibility the book is the principle of responsibility of Hans Jonas .


In the following years, the project could not be realized. The idea of taking responsibility just stayed only in the hometown of Adolf Hitler .

In 2002 members of the Austrian Memory Service commemorated the Righteous among the Nations of Austria. In 2005 the owner of a house vicino to the birthplace of Hitler offered to Andreas Maislinger that the project was realized in his house. In October 2009, in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kurier , the mayor of Braunau Gerhard Skiba mentioned for the first time about a possible realization of a “House of Peace” or a “House of Responsibility” in the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.

In September 2012, his successor, Mayor Johannes Waidbacher ( ÖVP ) said in an interview with the newspaper Der Standard that he would like more to create some luxury apartments in the house. 3 4On the other hand, Deputy Harry Buchmayr ( SPÖ ) who is from Braunau lent his support to the House of Responsibility project of Andreas Maislinger in interviews.

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