Holocaust Memorial Center

The Holocaust Memorial Center (HMC) in Farmington Hills, Michigan , was founded by the organization Shaarit Haplaytah under Rabbi Charles Rosenzveig adress as memory first Holocaust museum in EE. UU. In 1984 . He serves as a model for the Holocaust Center in Washington DC , the Tolerance Center in Los Angeles and the Jewish Heritage Museum in New York . Since its foundation more than 2.5 million people have visited the Holocaust Memorial Center, most of them students and students. In the year 2000 alone , 4300 groups from Michigan, the Midwest and Canada visited the museum. The museum shows the horrors of the persecution and extermination of the Jews in Europe by the Nazi regime. It also shows the highlights of more than 2000 years of history and culture of a village. The library and archive of the center with 15,000 books and documents in different languages ​​(English, German, Hebrew , Yiddish ), 1000 videos and numerous microfilms are among the most important in the United States.

The organization of the Austrian service abroad supports the HMC by sending men to perform their civil service.