Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira

Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira ( Madrid , 9 of December of 1914 – Madrid, 9 of June of 1933 ) was a child prodigy conceived by his mother, Aurora Rodriguez Carballeira , as a”model of woman of the future”. At the age of three he was already writing, at eight he spoke six languages ​​and with only 17 he finished his law studies and was a very active member of the PSOE and after the Federal Democratic Republican Party . At the age of 18, when Hildegart was becoming internationally known, and in the attempt to get away from the vital project that her mother had reserved for her, she, who suffered from paranoia , killed her with three shots in the head and one in her heart while she slept in his bed.

He cut off her arms, legs and tongue. Her mother tried for the first time human flesh, the flesh of her own daughter.



Hildegart was conceived in the Galician locality of Ferrol ( Corunna ) by the socialist Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira and a biological progenitor chosen by her only for that purpose, that turned out to be a priest. Once she became pregnant she moved to Madrid , where Hildegart was born on December 9 , 1914 in the street of Juanelo, 3 . Among the peculiar set of ideas of his mother was the conviction that children should not be enrolled in the register, but finally did (as late as April 29, 1915, after baptism on March 23, Despite being his militant atheist mother ).

Her birth certificate is “Hildegart Leocadia Georgina Hermenegilda Maria del Pilar Rodríguez Carballeira”, although she only used the first name. His mother always said that Hildegart, also known by the holy Hildegard of Bingen , meant “Garden of Wisdom” in German , but nothing justifies that statement (although it could mean “heroic virgin who helps in battle” but with a spelling Incorrect 1 ). Until the four years was visited by its priest father, until Aurora began to suspect of its influence and it prohibited it.


From very young Hildegart began to work actively in the PSOE and in the UGT , having a wide support between the bases, although the dome looked at it with suspicion and tried to minimize its public presence. The publication in 1932 of a letter in the newspaper La Libertad , in which he strongly criticized a possible PSOE alliance with a reactionary candidate, led to his expulsion. After this he became a member of the Federal Party and a fervent critic of the “socialenchufistas”.

The sexual revolution

Hildegart was one of the most active people of the time in the movement for the sexual reform in Spain, and was connected with the European vanguard in that subject, having correspondence with Havelock Ellis , of which was translator. When the Spanish League for the Sexual Reform was founded, presided over by Dr. Gregorio Marañón , she is chosen secretary without hesitation. He published several texts, including the monograph The Sexual Revolution that sold 8,000 copies, only in Madrid, in the first week after its publication. He maintained an extensive correspondence with European personalities of the time, including HG Wells , whom he accompanied extensively when he visited Madrid and whose claim to take her to London as a secretary, in addition to intending to separate from his mother and develop her potential , Gave rise to the paranoid conspiracies that Aurora saw around her.

The end

Although different theories appeared at the time, including an alleged relationship with Abel Vilella, what appears most likely and coincides with his mother’s account is that the deterioration of the relationship between the two was profound, mainly because of the progress of paranoia Of his mother, who complained that he had brought her into the world to deal with the condition of women, “and not of socialeros and comuneros.” Hildegart tried several times to separate from her, to which her mother responded with threats of suicide. The 9 as June as 1933 night, when Hildegart slept in her bed, her mother shot him three times in the head and one in the heart, killing her instantly. When Aurora saw that her daughter was separated from her project, she decided to destroy it: “The sculptor, after discovering the slightest imperfection in his work, destroys it.”

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