Heinz Leymann

Heinz Leymann ( Wolfenbüttel , Germany , 17 of July of 1932 – Stockholm , 1999) was a doctor in educational psychology and obtained his doctorate in medical science of psychiatry. He was nationalized as a Swedish citizen in 1955 . He lived in Sweden for many years.

In the 1960s a Swedish doctor detected a special type of hostile behavior in the school that was maintained for a long period, this behavior was called mobbing .

In the early 80 professor Leymann found long term the same type of hostile behavior in employees and in their places of work . Since then Heinz Leymann is the most recognized international expert in the field of mobbing in the workplace.

He worked as a clinical psychologist and was a professor of labor sciences at Umeå University . Approximately 1300 patients were treated, a significant number of them were hospitalized in a clinic that applied special programs with the treatment developed by Professor Heinz Leymann.

He is considered as the first investigator and pioneer in the spreading of the psychological harassment or Mobbing in Europe. Other European pioneers in this matter are the French psychiatrist Marie France Hirigoyen and the Spanish psychologist Iñaki Piñuel y Zabala .


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