Corazón delator is a song and simple composed by Gustavo Cerati and interpreted by the Argentinean group Soda Stereo , included within the album of study ” Doble vida ” like track number 7 and released like fourth cut of diffusion of the album.


The song in part is related to the story ” The heart delator ” written by Edgar Allan Poe that deals with a personage who does not support the look of a person who has a diseased eye, therefore decides to kill it and hides it in the hollow of the floor of wood. When the police go to see the man’s whereabouts at the murderer’s house they find nothing, but the murderer in the midst of his madness believes he hears the heart of the person who had killed and ends up giving himself. Although the letter does not address this fact explicitly, the madness of the character is counted from the reflective point of view.


It’s a rock ballad. The sound of this song is one of the most psychedelic in Soda Stereo songs. In the words of Gustavo Cerati :

It is the theme that is most related to Signos , and is the most romantic of the album as well. The story begins with a story by Allan Poe, where one heart betrays one person who killed another. In this case I wrote it thinking that my heart gives me when I see the person I love.

Versions of Heart delator

Among the best-known versions of this song are:

  • The studio version within the album ” Double life “.
  • The live version during El Último Concierto little diffused that was not included in the DVD nor in the CDs for unknown reasons.
  • The live version made inside the tour Me verás volver .
  • Also this song was present within the album compilation ” Chau Soda ” as track number 2 of the second disc.
  • Later it was reedited by Gustavo Cerati in the disc 11 Symphonic Episodes , which consisted in the sung of the song whereas the melody was interpreted by an orchestra.
  • In 2014, the Argentine band Eruca Sativa plays this song in Siempre es Hoy , a tribute to Cerati after his death