Gustavo Vera

Gustavo Vera ( Basavilbaso , March 24, 1964) is a Buenos Aires legislature, educational , political and social activist Argentine , head of the La Alameda Foundation and candidate for Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires in February by the Movement for Good Common .

He serves as Buenos Aires Legislator after leading in the year 2013 the list of candidates for Legislators of the City of Buenos Aires by the Front UNITE although in 2014 he left and founded his own political party, called the Common Good. 3

He served as director of the La Alameda Foundation , which fights trafficking in persons, slave labor, child exploitation, procuring and drug trafficking.


Gustavo Vera was born in Basavilbaso, Entre Ríos 1964 4 , was raised in San Martín, province of Buenos Aires, was Scout (USCA) for 9 years in the Scout Group N® 239 Santa Teresita de Saenz Peña, studied to be a primary school teacher In the School Mariano Acosta , in 1985, and it was dedicated to the teaching in public schools.

Trajectory as social activist

Gustavo Vera was protagonist of the movement of the neighborhood assemblies after the crisis of December of 2001 in Argentina from the popular assembly “20 of December” that later was denominated “The Alameda” in Park Avellaneda . The Alameda Assembly passed to NGO to get to form a textile cooperative with sewers freed from slavery, in addition to the Alameda Foundation that faces criminal investigations and denunciations by the slavery system in the textile industry, and incorporate sexual slavery in narco -prostíbulos, and child exploitation in the field. 5

Its work includes denunciations that had great incidences in the national and international policy. In the context of this task, he made denunciations against other public figures, such as Jorge Ibáñez , Juliana Awada , Benito Fernández , Zaffaroni etc. 6 the supposed clandestine textile workshops of First Lady Juliana Awada , the ties of the former member of the Secretariat of Intelligence (SIDE) and the tsar of trafficking and pimping Raúl Martíns in the financing of the campaign of Mauricio Macri , former head of Counterintelligence of The SIDE Jaime Stiusso for enrichment, the major national clothing brands, Kosiuko, SOHO, or the great dressmakers like Graciela Naum (who provided Máxima Zorreguieta ), and international ones including Zara, Puma and Adidas, involved in trafficking And slavery. He denounced the Cheeky firm of Juliana Awada for having clandestine workshops where 13 people were subjected to servitude and overcrowding. The seamstresses are enclosed in very small rooms with bunk beds on which to eat, since they lacked tables and chairs. The children of these sewers were also subdued. 7 8 9

Together with the NGO La Alameda denounced the company Cheeky and Juliana Awada , wife of the Head of Government, Awada has had several complaints suspected by reduction to servitude and slave labor through workshops of sewing clandestine , located in Buenos Aires who make clothes . 10 the case fell to Judge Guillermo Montenegro, who, however, dismissed him, along with his brother, for which he was accused of covering up by different means. 11 12 13 Guillermo Montenegro, issued the dismissal of those responsible for the firm. The resolution was considered “scandalous”. 14 Days later of the controversial decision Montenegro was appointed Minister of Security of the City of Buenos Aires 15 .

Political trajectory

Wide Front UNEN

Pino Solanas and Elisa Carrio will be proposed to Gustavo Vera legislator of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires by the coalition UNITE . The Alameda organically decided to accept the offer and accompany its proprietor Gustavo Vera as the first candidate. 16 Gustavo Vera was elected as Legislator by the city of Buenos Aires for the 2013-2017 term. In 2013 Solanas presented with Gustavo Vera a complaint against spy Jaime Stiuso. After which they discussed with Carrio since Carrio “I was against the escrache because I had friendship with Stiuso” 17 Vera denounced that the deputy chaqueña was operator of the spy and that in the year 2013 refused to sign the criminal denunciation against Pocino and Stiuso. Following this Vera broke with Unen 18 19

On being appointed president of the Commission Against Trafficking in Persons of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Homosexual Community (CHA) made a presentation denouncing him to Marcelo Suntheim, inspector of the CHA, read at the meeting of the Commission, the And requested that copies be circulated to each of the members of the Commission against Trafficking in Persons.

Cesar Cigliutti , president denounced that the ‘methods’ and ‘criteria’ of the deputy are literally a persecution of the meeting places of the GLTBI community. On June 26, 2013, the CHA had already filed the challenge request. 2021 22

Party and Common Good Movement

On September 3, 2014 Gustavo Vera left UNEN and created a new political party called Common Good 23 that has not yet been recognized by the Electoral Justice. The name of the party is inspired by a phrase of the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio , who maintains a close relationship with the Buenosairean legislator. “Power is very common. When it is proper, it is corruption,” were the words of the Pope. 24 Shortly thereafter, on December 15, 2014, he was pre-candidate for the Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires . 25

This movement is a political front formed initially between the NGO La Alameda ( whose holder is Vera), the Culture, Education and Labor Party (CET) (led by the CGT ) that locally leads the judicial trade unionist Julio Piumato , the Party Christian Democrat who leads Carlos Traboulsi and the Social Security Party. 26 27 Since local elections are split from national ones, their party will not support any candidate for president.

In the PASO Buenos Aires obtained as pre-candidate the Head of Government obtained 0.60% of the votes 28 29 being disqualified to appear in the generals of October to not obtain the 1.5% of the necessary minimum votes.

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