Gustav Richter

Gustav Richter ( 19 as November as 1912 – 1982 ) was an official German belonging to the SS Nazis, who was involved in the Holocaust Jew during World War II .

Participation in the Holocaust

Richter entered the SS with the file number 17.210 and the Nazi Party with the file number 2,710,328, came the degree of SS Sturmbannführer ( Mayor ). Assistant to Adolf Eichmann and sent to Bucharest , Romania , as Advisor of Jewish Affairs of that country as representative of Section IVB4 in April 1941. In close collaboration with the German Ambassador Manfred Freiherr von Killinger made the census of the Jewish communities and Roma in Romania , managing account for 300,000 Jews and 150,000 gypsies who tried to send to the extermination camp of Belzec , however his plans were foiled when Romania broke off relations with Germany .

Nevertheless it managed to impel a decree 3 of September of 1941 , to force to the Romanian Jews to use the yellow star in the chest.

On August 23, 1944, the Romanian Royal Forces under the orders of King Michael I of Romania staged a coup against the government of the collaborationist of Ion Antonescu ending the relationship with the Axis Rome-Tokyo-Berlin in the Second World War . Richter was trapped in the Embassy German in Bucharest by royalist forces. He was captured by the Romanians and turned over to the Soviet occupying forces .

After the war

At the end of the war, Richter fell to the Russians by touching him to share cell with the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg in the Lubyanka Jail . The 1 of March of 1945 , Richter was changed cell and never saw Wallenberg again. Richter testified in Sweden in 1955 that Wallenberg had been questioned by the Soviets at least once an hour and a half under heavy conditions. According to Richter, this interrogation took place in February 1945 .

After ten years in the prisoner-of-war camps in the Soviet Union , Richter was repatriated to Germany in 1955 but was not released. Always under indictment, the preparations for his trial began in 1961 , nevertheless the trial began until December of 1981 . The basis of the indictment against Richter was the order signed by him to deport the Jews of Romania to Belzec . Richter received a four-year prison sentence in 1982 , but died shortly thereafter.


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