Goretti Horgan

Goretti Horgan is an Irish socialist activist and lecturer in social policy at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland . 1


Born in Ireland, she was named by Maria Goretti . He attends college before moving to England . He later returned to Dublin , where he involved in pro-choice campaigning. Prior to lecturing, she worked as a research fellow at the University and as a researcher for Save Children and the National Children Agency. Prior to training as a researcher, she worked as a community worker in the city of Derry and County Londonderry . Before going to Northern Ireland in 1986, he worked on television production at RTÉ in Dublin. He had his seat on the Northern Ireland Anti-Poverty Network (NIAPN) from 2005 to 2008 and remains a member of the NIAPN Board of Directors. 2

She is a socialist and women’s rights activist, particularly known for her campaigning pro choice. She was a member of the first Women’s Right of the Coose Group in Ireland in the early 1980s and founder of the Anti-Amendment of the 8th Art or anti-abortion in the Irish Constitution. 3 Later she was national organizer of the Anti-Amendment Campaign. In Northern Ireland, she was a member of Derry Women’s Rights of Choice Group and Alliance for Election. She is a defender of the rights of children and the rights of disabled people. 4

He is a member of the Socialist Workers Party since the 1980s, his partner is Eamonn McCann the writer, journalist and socialist. They live in Bogside in Derry with their daughter, Matty. She has been the official leader of the Socialist Environmental Alliance until its dissolution in 2008. 5

Like his partner, he has been an anti-war activist. She was one of nine women who occupied Raytheon in Derry in January 2009, during the Israeli aggression on Gaza. All were charged with theft and criminal damages, but argued in court that they were trying to stop Raytheon’s collusion in what they called Israeli war crimes. The jury found them not guilty. 6


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