Golden trail

The Golden Path is a plot element pertaining to the science fiction saga Dune , of Frank Herbert . Mainly generated in the third and fourth books of this saga, it continues to develop until the end of the saga.

Role in the saga

It acts as a plot line that structures the whole saga. The vision of Leto II of a humanity stagnated by the vision of his father Muad’Dib compels him to compress it and make him feel the oppression so that it reacts and expands by the universe . But after the expansion, there is danger, a forgotten Enemy that will face Humanity in Kralizec , the battle of the end of the universe.

Children of Dune

In Children of Dune Leto II and Ghanima , the pre- born sons of Paul Atreides and Chani , have a vision that shows the extinction of the human race, due to the confinement and little expansion of the Empire of the Known Universe . To avoid this, you have to build the Golden Path.

Once the skin of sand trout is accepted , the transformation of Leto II into a hybrid human- sandworm begins . He looks for Muad’Dib , his father, in the desert and explains what he has done: “My skin is no longer my skin.” Paul Muad’Dib has also seen the need, but he has not been able to face the loss of his own humanity that the Golden Path claimed.

His new skin amplifies his movements exerting a superhuman force, and makes him practically invulnerable to any physical attack. The hybridization with the sandworm and participate in the melange cycle provide an age-long life expectancy, sufficient for Leto II to guide humanity along the Golden Path.

God the Emperor of Dune

For 3500 years Leto II has established an empire in militarized peace, has standardized customs , myths , celebrations. Their female warriors, the Talkative-fish , bravely squashed fan any hint of resistance to his God Emperor . Leto, who has become almost a giant sandworm, has taken on the divine figure of Shai-Hulud , the God-worm , when the worms have died out during Arrakis’s ecological change project .

The monopoly of the emperor on Melange, coupled with his irresistible military force , religious fanatics of his God keeps all the old factions at a minimum, as well as the entire population of the Empire. Cultural manifestations decay into a stagnant empire, which remains unchanged from century to century.

From the union of his sister Ghanima and the disturbing Harq al’Ada habit , Leto conducts his own genetic program , seeking a quality in his offspring to ensure that no prescient can re-freeze the future as his father did. And it succeeds in Siona , the daughter of its butler and distant nephew Moneo Atreides .

The wedding day of Leto II with Hwi Noree , Siona and the latest in a long series of gholas of Duncan Idaho that have accompanied the God Emperor during his millennial reign attack Leto and he rushes to the Idaho River. The sand trout of their skin are released looking for water, initiating again the biological cycle of the sandworms . Arrakis will be deserted again.

In his final agony, the Emperor God reveals to Duncan and Siona the consequences of his Golden Path. Leto’s Peace will be followed by major armed conflicts, a widespread famine and the collapse of the Empire. After that, stagnant humanity will explode over the Universe seeking freedom. Siona is invisible to the prescient oracle, so that his descendants and their actions can not be predicted. Humanity will never fall into one hand again.

Dune Heretics

One thousand five hundred years after the death of the Tyrant, Leto II, the people of the Dispersion begin to return to the ancient Empire of Million of Worlds , cradle of humanity. Among them are the Honored Matres , a brutal imitation of the Reverend Mothers of Bene Gesserit . Violent and combative, they come to the old empire to regroup and create a base on which to launch an attack on the Enemy that expelled them from the Dispersion.

Bene Gesserit receives the last legacies of Leto II: Sheeana , a descendant of Siona, with the incredible ability to communicate with the new sandworms descended from Leto II, which in their own words guard a “pearl of my consciousness” in their inside. The worms and Sheena lead the Tabet sietch to Bene Gesserit, where Leto has left them a message: Kralizec , the battle of the end of the Universe, is approaching .

Destroyed Arrakis by the Honored Matres, there is no more worm than the Bene Geserit took. The control that the presciencia of Leto II could exert from the “pearls of conscience” of the worms disappears with them.

Chapter House Dune

Mother Superior Darwi Odrade has a curious foreknowledge that warns her in everything that affects the survival of the Bene Gesserit. And throughout the novel has visions continually on the dangerous Enemy that looms over them. Odrade’s strategy is to integrate Honored Matres into the Brotherhood. To do this, it will use Murbella , the Honored Matre captured and trained in the Bene Gesserit forms, a powerful and deadly hybridization.

Dune Hunters and Dune Sandworms

In the continuation of the saga written by its son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson , the nature of the Enemy that will face the Humanity around the New Brotherhood formed by Murbella with the Bene Gesserit and Honored Matres after the death is revealed Odrade: Omnius and Erasmus , the supermind and the robot that enslaved humanity and ultimately escaped after its destruction in Butlerian Jihad .

The Matres found by carelessness one of the new Synchronized Planets in a parallel universe, and Omnius pursues them inexorably, after fifteen thousand years of preparation, with the largest fleet ever created, seeking the extermination of the human race. Kralizec , the battle of the end of the universe predicted by Leto II has arrived. From its outcome depends the existence of Humanity.