Family Research Council

The Family Research Council ( Family Research Council or FRC) is an organization Christian nonprofit organization and think tank politician. Founded in the United States by James Dobson in 1981 , it was established in 1983 . The group was designed to handle political contacts to legislate conservatively on Capitol Hill. In the late 1980s the group officially became a division of the parent organization of Dobson, Focus on the Family (Focus on the Family), but in 1992 concerns IRS (Internal Revenue Service) carried that Administrative separation. Its function is to promote traditional family values. Its executive director until May 2015 was Josh Duggar, who resigned after admitting that he had improperly touched five children, including some of his sisters. 1 2

The Family Research Council has been publicly involved in promoting conservative social visions on different issues, including divorce, homosexuality and abortion. The Church Report places the FRC in the top position among the categories of Christian political organizations. 3


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