Fabiola Morales

Fabiola María Morales Castillo ( Piura , December 26, 1955) is a Peruvian politician who is a member of the National Solidarity Party. She was a Congresswoman of the Republic of Peru from 2001 to 2011. In 2011, she posited again the Congress of the Republic, but no Was elected. 1

She held the position of Vice President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru in the 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 legislatures

Studies carried out

She studied Information Sciences (Communication) and Education at the University of Piura . She holds a postgraduate degree in Information Sciences (Communication), Latin American Graduate Program, University of Navarra , Pamplona , Spain . He holds a PhD in Information Science (Communication) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid ( Spain ). He has participated in the Programs for Owners of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Business Training, High Management School (University of Piura ). He has studied the Program for Senior Management (PAD) in 2010. Master’s Studies in Government of Organizations.

She has been President and Vice President of the Peruvian Association of Faculties of Social Communication (Apfacom) and member of the Latin American Federation of Faculties of Social Communication (Felafacs). [ Citation needed ]

Working life

She has been a senior lecturer in the Faculties of Communication Sciences, Business Administration and Educational Sciences, from the University of Piura until 2001. She also worked as an extraordinary teacher of the Master’s Program in Business Management.

For 10 years, until 2001, she held the positions of Director of the Information Office of the University of Piura , Director of Research, Director of Extension and Director of Studies of the University. Simultaneously he was Editor-in-Chief (1998-2000) and Director of Information (1993) of Piura’s Diario el Tiempo.

Since 2012, he is a Member of the Management Committee of the Business School of the University of Piura, PAD. Professor and Director of Corporate Communication at that School.

Political life

Spokesperson and coordinator of the National Solidarity Party , congressman for the period 2001 – 2006 by National Unity , was President of the Committee on the Environment and Ecology and the Ethics Parliamentary being re – elected to that office. She has also been President of the Commission of Regional and Local Governments. Chairwoman of the Committee on Women and Social Development. President of the Sub-Commissions of Fisheries and, later, of the Mining and social and environmental impacts.

For 4 years, he was a spokesman for the National Unity lobby before Congress . He applied again for Piura for the period 2006-2011, again for National Unity , getting reelected. In the periods 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 she was Vice-President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru.

In 2014 she was elected regent of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima for the period 2015-2018 led by Luis Castañeda Lossio in the municipal elections of Lima in 2014 . However, he did not assume the position for personal and labor reasons, being replaced by Gustavo Adolfo Orbegoso Valdivia. 2



In 2005 the merchant Luis Alberto Sernaqué reported having paid 15 thousand soles to Lisbeth Seminar, an assistant in the decentralized office of Piura, the congresswoman, to supposedly secure a spot on the list of candidates for the congress. 3 THING WHICH THE JUDICIAL POWER DISCOURTS ALREADY THAT ARE THEIR ‘FRIENDSHIPS’.

At the beginning of his second parliamentary period he was severely criticized by the press and public opinion when he charged 16,300 soles for “installation expenses”, although he was reelected congressman and lived in Lima since 2001. However, Morales justified the charge stating: “I charged because it is a right of all parliamentarians and there was never agreement on the bench to not do it.” However, he returned the amount referred to Congress. 4

Homophobic messages

In December 2010, through his Twitter account , Fabiola Morales referred to Congressman Carlos Bruce suggesting that he ” get out of the closet “. A section of the press took it as a reference to the sexual preferences made public by Bruce. 5 Fabiola Morales is also known for her conservative ideas, preventing any kind of legislation for the benefit of homosexual marriages in Congress. Contrary to abortion and a strong defender of the rights of the unborn.

Election of the Constitutional Court

On June 3, 2010, during the crucial election of the two members of the Constitutional Court, an unusual event occurred; Their vote was expected and that of Walter Menchola , also of the National Solidarity Party , and despite the fact that they both called for assistance, just before the voting began, they left the chamber on the grounds that they were taking a telephone call, all despite having publicly committed themselves They would vote in concordance with the opposition party. So that did not materialize the election of the candidate Carlos Ramos Nuñez by, coincidentally, 2 votes. This was the objective of the ruling APRA party. 6

Controversial messages

On June 7, 2013, the Ministry of Culture asked Fabiola Morales for a rectification of discriminatory comments alluding to Ecuadorian citizens published continuously in their Twitter account , on the occasion of the soccer match that faced Peru and Ecuador by the Qualifiers for the World Cup Brazil 2014 . 7


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