Ernst Schäfer

Ernst Schäfer ( Cologne , 14 March as as 1910 – Bad Bevensen , 21 as July as 1992 ) was a famous hunter and zoologist German , specializing in ornithology .

He studied zoology and geology at the University of Gottingen , and joined the SS in 1933.

He made three expeditions to Tibet in the years 1930, 1934, and 1938, the first two led by the American Brooke Dolan II , and the last by himself under the patronage of the Ahnenerbe , organization of Heinrich Himmler dedicated to investigate the German past From the point of view of racial theories. Among the objectives of this expedition were to trace the origins of the Aryan race, to locate the mythical kingdom of Agartha , the National Socialist Shangri-La , and check the theories of Hörbiger’s glacial cosmogony.

After World War II he was tried, but exonerated, declaring to have been forcedly recruited in the SS .

He wrote several books, including Berge, Buddhas und Bären ( Mountains, buddhas and bears ), and helped produce the film Geheimnis Tibet ( Tibet Secret ).

Between 1950 and 1955 , he moved to Venezuela , where he continued his scientific and naturist research. Then he returned to Lower Saxony, where he lived until his death. 1


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