Dune is a novel of science fiction written by Frank Herbert in 1965. His success was overwhelming; In 1966 he won the Hugo Award and in 1965 the first edition of the Nébula Award for best science fiction novel. Published in Spanish by the publisher Acervo in 1975, Dune opens one of the most important sagas of fantastic literature and science fiction .

Later the author continued the saga with El mesías de Dune (1969) and concluded with Sjos de Dune (1976), which closed the anticipated trilogy. The success of the trilogy, however, led him to later write a fourth book, God the Emperor of Dune (1981), with whom he hoped to close the (at that time) tetralogy. Years later it would return the saga with the fifth and sixth volumes Herejes de Dune (1984) and House Capitular Dune (1985), leaving a completely open end to a new delivery.

The success of the novel provoked much interest in its transfer to the big screen, project that after many vicissitudes would be reflected in the film Dune (1984), directed by David Lynch . Years later, in 2000 , also would realize a miniseries of television inspired in the first novel, titled Dune , to which would follow another miniseries inspired by the following two novels, titled Sons of Dune .

After the death of Frank Herbert, two trilogies have been added to the series that tell the story that led to the events of the main saga, Prelude to Dune (1999-2001) and Legends of Dune (2002-2004), written by author ‘s son, Brian Herbert , in association with science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson , as well as two novels that conclude the original saga, Hunters of Dune (2006) and Sandworms of Dune (2007).



Between 1963 and 1964 Frank Herbert wrote a novel , World of Dune , the first part of a planned tetralogy, which he published in chapters in the science fiction magazine Astounding . Although not yet a well-known author, the novel was well received by readers and Herbert wrote his sequel, The Prophet of Dune , publishing it in five installments in the same magazine. These two first stories met in a single volume when the book was published soon after: Dune reduced the initial tetralogy to a trilogy. Herbert’s dedication was:

To people whose work goes beyond ideas, to the realm of ‘real and concrete materials’, to dryland ecologists, wherever they may be, at any time they work, this prediction effort is dedicated to them. Humility and admiration.

The story begins more than 20,000 years in the future, in our galaxy, in a great galactic empire of feudal structure. The Empire is divided into quasi-fiefs or planetary lordships which are controlled by noble families, known as The Great Houses , which are grouped together in a great council, called Landsraad , and pay tribute to the Emperor Padishah Shaddam IV , of the Corrino House . Another institution is the Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles , or CHOAM, a universal corporation for the commercial development controlled by the Emperor and the Great Houses, with the Spatial Brotherhood and the Bene Gesserit Brotherhood as non-voting members.

The key to trade and stability of the empire lies in space travel, a monopoly of the Space Guild, whose “Navegantes” are mutated humans who use the spice or melange to exercise their prescient powers . That way they can draw a safe course, so that they can fold the space and travel instantly to any part of the Galaxy.

Also the Bene Gesserit Brotherhood, powerful female order whose priority is the preservation and progress of the human race, uses the spice. Multiple secrets conceal Bene Gesserit, also called witches for their mental and physical powers, developed through muscular and nervous conditioning known as Prana-bindu training . All this physical and mental training allows the acolytes Bene Gesserit to overcome the agony of the spice , a test in which they ingest an amount of an illuminating poison that they must transform internally to make it innocuous. Survival to this ordeal awakens in the acolyte the Other Memories , personalities and memories of all their female ancestors. Nevertheless, they are warned against the place of their consciousness where the memories of their masculine ancestors, known as “the place where we can not look” are found. This is where the Bene Gesserit’s millennial secret genetic program derives: the search for a male equivalent to a Bene Gesserit, which they call Kwisatz Haderach , “the shortest way”. This individual would not only have access to the masculine line of Other Memories, but expected that he would possess other “mental powers that could act as a bridge in space and time.” 1 With the Kwisatz Haderach under his control, the Brotherhood hopes to intervene More effectively in the course of humanity.

The melange , key to all plans for control of the Empire, is found only on a desert planet, a hostile ecosystem for almost every form of life, Arrakis , also known as Dune. The few and scattered tribes Fremen who inhabit engaged in collecting spice, which is produced as part of the life cycle of sand worms , giant animals that control the desert. The Fremen culture revolves around the value and conservation of water on its arid planet. The Protectiva Missionaria of the Bene Gesserit, dedicated to religious engineering, implanted between the Fremen, in order to prepare the ground for future Kwisatz Haderach, the belief that a savior will come a Messiah , that will transform your world into a place More hospitable to humans.


In itself, the story unfolds around the young Paul Atreides , heir of the duchy of the Atreides House . His father, the Duke Leto Atreides , receives from the Emperor Padishah Shaddam IV the order to move, with all his duchy, to Arrakis , the only source in the Known Universe of the melange spice . Paul must face the Emperor’s treachery, fearful of the atreides of the Landsraad , and of the Harkonnen House , enemies of the Atreides since the Battle of Corrin .

In the novel, Paul Atreides lived his childhood in Caladan with his prized masters: Duncan Idaho , Gurney Halleck , Thufir Hawat and Doctor Wellington Yueh until the age of 15, when the Emperor orders the Atreides to move to supervise the Trade of Spice in his new fief in Arrakis . But this order is nothing more than a trap coined by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and the Paddishah Emperor Shaddam IV to remove the Atreides from the impregnable planet Caladan and subsequently eliminate them from the houses of the Landsraad .

Before leaving, Paul is visited by the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam , mentor of his mother, Lady Jessica Atreides in the Bene Gesserit Brotherhood . Jessica was a member of the Bene Gesserit Order and was appointed by the same to become the concubine of Duke Leto Atreides as part of the secret genetic program of that order. Due to the sincere love he felt for Duke Leto, he disobeyed the order to conceive a girl to give him an heir, and conceived of Paul: in committing this crime Jessica harbored hope, perhaps not very improbable after all, to conceive Kwisatz Haderach , the male Bene Gesserit who so hoped for his Brotherhood, one who could establish bridges between space and time.

The Atreides are suspicious of the emperor’s maneuver, and are able to neutralize the Harkonnen traps and sabotages while attempting to establish bonds of trust with the local Fremen population . Finally, they succumb under the devastating attack of the Harkonnen, with imperial troops Sardaukar disguised of Harkonnen and helped by a traitor, Doctor Suk Wellington Yueh. Captured Duke Leto, dies in a failed attempt to assassinate Baron Harkonnen. Only Paul and Jessica can escape the massacre, entering the desert. There are sheltered by Fremen , people of fierce warriors who ride the sandworms . Due to the religious manipulations of the Bene Gesserit Protective Missionary, the Fremen see Paul as the Messiah who will guide his people in transforming Arrakis into a less hostile ecosystem. Accepted among the fremen Paul adopts the name fremen of Muad’Dib and knows Chani , in charge to protect him and to show him fremen customs. The love will arise between the couple, and Chani will be his partner from there on.

Soon after being accepted among the Fremen, Jessica is urged to become the Reverend Mother of the Fremen. For this must pass the Agony of the spice , ritual trance comprising the ingestion of an enlightening poison, the Water of Life , and its internal transformation into an innocuous drug. Jessica is pregnant with a girl, Alia , and during the Agony both become Reverend Mothers . Over time, Paul becomes the leader of the Fremen, guiding them in a revolution against the Harkonnen and the Emperor, sabotaging the production of spice, while their prescient powers increase day by day. But it is not enough: Paul must discover if he is truly the Kwisatz Haderach, and decides to go through the Agony of the spice to confirm it. This leads him to take the Water of Life, falling into a comatose trance for three weeks.

Upon awakening, already as the Kwisatz Haderach , Muad’Dib assumes his messianic role as Mahdi of the fremen, and leads them to face in a last and epic battle against the Emperor and the Baron. After the triumphant revolt, and Baron Harkonnen died at the hands of his sister Alia, Paul Muad’Dib forces the Emperor to consent to his marriage to his eldest daughter Irulan Corrino and to retire to Salusa Secundus , ascending to the imperial throne, from where he will unleash a Jihad for the Universe.


The main characters are listed below by groups or alliances. These alliances may change throughout the series of novels, or reveal themselves differently.

House Atreides

The Atreides House is one of the Great Houses of the Known Universe Empire . Its members have a leading role throughout the entire saga. It is suggested in the novel that the roots of the Atreides line are in the mythological Greek house of the Atreus . In the Iliad of Homer , the brothers Agamemnon and Menelaus are called the Atreides, or sons of Atreus. The first Atreides in the chronology of the saga is Vorian Atreides , human son of Cymek Agamemnon who joins the League of Nobles in the trilogy Legends of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson , set in the times of Jihad Butleriana .

Casa Atreides has its fief on the planet Caladan , and stands out for its noble spirit, its proverbial justice and virtue for its people. These virtues awaken the most unconditional loyalty in their servants. The main industry of Caladan is the cultivation of Rice Pundi . It also has other smaller industries derived from agriculture and fishing , as well as the construction of recreational yachts and other boats . Unexplained in Caladan, his troops are highly trained: the family has even developed a battle language of its own. The colors of the Atreides House are green and black, and its symbol is a red hawk .

  • Duke Leto Atreides , head of the Atreides House
  • Lady Jessica , Bene Gesserit and concubine of the Duke, mother of Paul and Alia.
  • Paul Atreides , the only living son and heir of the Atreides House.
  • Alia Atreides , little sister of Paul, born after the death of its father.
  • Thufir Hawat , mentat and Master of Assassins of the Atreides House.
  • Gurney Halleck , troubadour warrior completely loyal to the Atreides House.
  • Duncan Idaho , Master Swordsman at Atreides House, graduated from Ginaz School.
  • Dr. Wellington Yueh , Dr. Suk of the Atreides House.

House Harkonnen

The Harkonnen House appears with special relevance in the novel, and also has an important presence in the trilogies Prelude to Dune and Legends of Dune , of Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson . Härkönen is a Finnish family name: härkä means ” bull ” and rauta means ” iron “. It is not known whether these words are related intentionally or not with the surnames Harkonnen and Rautha of some members of the House. The symbol of the Harkonnen House in the novel is a blue faucet .

The origin of the house is found in Xavier Harkonnen , military friend of Vorian Atreides during the Butlerian Jihad , and Abulurd Harkonnen , his grandson and first Baron of the House Harkonnen, whose betrayal to Vorian Atreides gave origin to the ancient enmity that faces the Two Great Houses since the Battle of Corrin . The Harkonnen fief planet is Giedi Prime , formerly rich in natural resources , which under the oppressive rule of the Harkonnen is industrially overexploited, becoming a contaminated devastation . Apart from controlling the production of spice melange in Arrakis, the Harkonnen House owns other important industries such as the extraction of blue obsidian , Harkonnen black beer or the plantations of Krall tubers .

  • Siridar Baron Vladimir Harkonnen , head of the Harkonnen House .
  • Piter de Vries ,Perverted Mentat and Master of Assassins of the Harkonnen House.
  • Feyd Rautha , nephew and heir of the Baron.
  • Glossu “the Beast” Rabban , also called Rabban Harkonnen, great nephew of the Baron.
  • Iakin Nefud , Captain of the Guard.

Casa Corrino

The Imperial House Corrino is the regent of the Empire . It was founded after the Battle of Corrin, end of the Butlerian Jihad, when Faykan Butler decides to change his last name in honor to the victory of the humans on the Thinking Machines . Shortly after, simultaneously assuming the positions of Viceroy and Great Patriarch, declares himself Emperor of the Humanity .

The ancestral planet of the Imperial Corrino House is Salusa Secundus , seat of the imperial power from Butlerian Jihad. Due to an atomic aggression by a Renegade House, Casa Corrino and the Golden Lion Throne moved to Kaitain . As a result of the attack, Salusa Secundus was devastated at the environmental level. Designated as Imperial Prison Planet, its harsh conditions only allowed the survival of the strongest, which allowed Casa Corrino to develop the most feared of the military units of the universe, the Sardaukar , fanatical warriors whose mere mention silenced any possible dissidents in the Empire.

Ambition, betrayals and conspiracies are common in the Corrino family. The Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV murdered his brother Fafnir to secure his ascent to the throne, and later poisoned his father Elrood IX to speed it up.

  • Shaddam IV , Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe.
  • Princess Irulan Corrino , eldest daughter and heir of the Emperor, educated by the Bene Gesserit and historian.
  • Count Hasimir Fenring , a genetic eunuch , adviser and best friend of the emperor. Married to Dama Margot Fenring.

Bene Gesserit

The Bene Gesserit is described as a female order whose members follow an extraordinary physical and mental conditioning to acquire “powers” and abilities that can easily appear magical to strangers . Because of their secrecy and incomprehensible abilities they are often called ” witches ” by their enemies. The Reverend Mothers wear a black mesh and a long, loose tunic over the top called Aba .

Trained in the planetary school Wallach IX , the abilities and functions of the Bene Gesserit are very varied and cover all aspects of the structure of the empire: concubines for Great Houses, Truth-Defectors, religions-settlers, Bene Gesserit arm It arrives everywhere. Their complete physical and martial training, their agility, speed and precision make them fearsome opponents in the melee.

  • Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam ,Decider of Truth of the Emperor, former mentor of Lady Jessica.
  • Lady Margot Fenring , Bene Gesserit married to Count Hasimir Fenring.


The Fremen are the free tribes of Arrakis , also known as Dune, the desert planet which is the only source of melange spice in the known universe. The Fremen arrived at Arrakis at the time of the Butlerian Jihad as Nomads Zensunni, a religious sect fallen in disgrace. Over the millennia, Arrakis’s incredibly harsh conditions lead them to become a people born for survival, the Free Men of Dune, a name that ended up shortening in Fremen.

  • Stilgar , Naib ( Sietch’s servant ) Fremen, leader of Sietch Tabr; A great warrior and a skilled politician.
  • Chani , fremen warrior concubine of Paul Atreides. She is the daughter of Liet-Kynes.
  • Liet-Kynes , son fremen of Pardot Kynes, Liet is a revered figure among the fremen.
  • Pardot Kynes , Imperial Planetologist destined to Arrakis, considered a Umma (holy man or prophet) among fremen. He married for the rite fremen with Frieth, sister of Stilgar.
  • Sayyadina Ramallo , spiritual leader of the Fremen, formerly Bene Gesserit.
  • Harah , widow of Jamis , fremen warrior who dies in a ritual fight to the death with Paul. He takes care of her as a servant and later marries Stilgar.
  • Otheym , Warrior Fedaykin .
  • Esmar Tuek , leader of the smugglers who befriends Gurney Halleck .


The initial premises of the novel are not forced at any moment, but are gradually extended so that the reader gets accustomed to them. The author deliberately left aside supertechnological speculations and technical advances, nevertheless paying close attention to ideas on ecology, religion, culture and humanity. This made in its time considered this saga as a provocative and attractive change with regard to science fiction that had been written previously.


The novel is set in a decaying galactic empire, where corruption, excesses and division lead to a fall that recalls the story of Edward Gibbon ‘s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire . 2 The religious manipulation throughout the empire by the Protective Missionary of the Bene Gesserit prepares the way for a messiah who leads that empire in a process of regeneration. The unplanned appearance of that messiah drags the empire into a jihad shaking the universe.

The consequences of placing the reins of power in the hands of superheroes, instead of leaving them to a conscious and responsible humanity form the main theme in the Dune saga. In a famous essay on the origins of the novel Frank Herbert said:

Huge problems are created when human mistakes are made on the scale of a superhero … Heroes are a pain, superheroes are a catastrophe. The mistakes of superheroes lead the majority to disaster.

Also he said:

He had this theory that superheroes are disastrous to humans, that even if you created an infallible hero, the things that this hero would launch could fall into the hands of wandering mortals. What better way to destroy a civilization, society or race than to put into the hands of a superhero the savage convulsions that follow his critical judgment and his decision-making power?

Frank Herbert , Genesis of Dune , Omni Magazine, July 1980 3

From a historical perspective, similarities can be found between the narrative events of Dune and other great messianic figures in history: the fact that a man born abroad, from an old colonial order, manages to unite scattered and fierce nomadic tribes And gaining freedom in the face of decadent Imperial power is almost a mirror image of the Middle East Arab Revolt in the early 20th century , in which a British officer , Thomas Edward Lawrence , mobilized Arab warriors to break the Power of the Ottoman Empire in the Arabian peninsula. 4


The cultural ecology , a term associated with the anthropologist Julian Steward (1955), studies the relationship between a society given and their environment – the life forms and ecosystems that support their lifestyles . The central argument is that the environment is a major factor contributing to social organization and other human institutions. In particular, those related to the distribution of wealth and power in a society, and how it affects behavior such as hoarding or generosity . After the publication in 1962 of the book Silent Spring , Rachel Carson came the first touch of environmental alarm about the arrival of the death of the planet due to human activity.

The conception of a planet as a complex and almost living being, the complex description of life on Arrakis , from the life cycle of the giant sand worms , for which the water is deadly to small life forms, mice and Hawks adapted to the hostility of the desert form a landscape where man must reach a compromise with his surroundings. The inhabitants of the planet, the Fremen , are subjected to one of the most hostile ecosystems imaginable , which leads their culture to focus on survival and recycling: in a resource-poor environment nothing can be wasted. Fremen must reach that commitment to their environment by sacrificing in part their desire for a wetter planet in favor of the sandworms that are so important in their culture and economy.

Other later novels have continued to present complex and unique ecologies and their relationship to human culture, such as the Martian Trilogy (1992) by Kim Stanley Robinson .


The eugenics advocates the improvement of hereditary traits humans through various forms of intervention. 5 In 1965 advances in genetics opened a door to the review of eugenics as a policy that was strongly discussed and stigmatized after the experience of Nazi Germany , when politicians and members of the international scientific community publicly denied many of the ideas On ‘racial hygiene’ and ‘unfit’ members of society.

In Dune is given what is called positive eugenics , favor the reproduction of those considered genetically fit, against negative eugenics that hinders that of the “non-fit.” The genetic program that Bene Gesserit develops in search of the achievement of a superhuman, the Kwisatz Haderach , for generations , follows a reproductive scheme according to which the most suitable individuals to procreate, according to the characteristics that they want to add, improve or Reinforce in the diverse genetic lines that form it. Due to an unforeseen accident (Jessica Atreides’ love for her Duke and her disobedience to the Bene Gesserit in conceiving a child), the program escapes its control in its later stages and Paul, a premature Kwisatz Haderach, shakes the empire and Universe by bringing together in their figure the religious, military and political powers.

Economy, religion and politics

The extreme economic dependence of the empire regarding the melange in Dune focuses on this resource, essential for the realization of space travel that allow the survival of the economic and social fabric of it, is the only source in the universe the sandworms Of Arrakis. This poses a situation of hydraulic despotism , a dependence on a particular resource whose production is concentrated in a single source. In the aforementioned essay by Frank Herbert it said that the CHOAM is OPEC , thus establishing a parallelism between melange and oil . 3

The influence of religion on social movements is reflected in the manipulations of the Protective Missionary with which the Bene Gesserit seeks the preparation of the ground that allows the emergence of a messiah who, gathering all the society around him, can reach the power .

When a religious figure appears threatening the production of melange, the economic fabric of the empire is threatened, and political power falls. (See Messianism )

When religion and politics travel in the same chariot, and the chariot is guided by a living holy man (baraka), nothing can stop him in his way.

Frank Herbert , Dune , Appendix II: The Religion of Dune.

The desert

The parallelism between melange and oil and the fact that the most important messianic movements had their origin in the desert turned this into the landscape of the novel. Thus, the civilization of Dune was inspired by the Arab civilization:

In Western culture, “when it comes to” Desert, “the idea” Arabia “automatically pops up in the mind, so I turned to Arabic for the most linguistic names and terms, and for many other things .

Domingo Santos , Dune: From ecology to messianism 6

The desert in Dune is taken to the extreme: water is the most precious commodity. All the technology revolves around the recovery of water: distilleries to recover and recycle the water that exudes the body, wind traps to capture the scarce ambient humidity. Water is the main element of change of the planet, being even the currency of fremen, symbolized in the rings of water . In such a hostile environment , the tribe is the sole refuge of the individual. Water belongs to the tribe, and the water from the corpses must be recycled and returned to the tribe. One of the greatest expressions of pain is crying, giving water to the dead . Stilgar , the naib fremen, spits on the table in a sign of respect to Duke Leto .

Preludes and continuations

New trilogies have been published in Spanish that complement the original saga written by his son Brian Herbert in collaboration with the science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson . The authors claim that their novels are based on notes left by Frank Herbert before his death. 7 8

Legends of Dune

Main article: Legends of Dune

After the first prelude, the same authors stepped back into the time of the saga and published a new trilogy, set in the days of Butlerian Jihad , composed by Dune: The Butler Jihad , Dune: The Crusade of Machines and Dune: The Battle of Corrin . In this trilogy is introduced to the Titans , cyborgs human brain and mechanical body, conspire to free domain Omnius , supermind leader of the Synchronized Worlds and regain power over humanity. The beginning of the liberation war against the Thinking Machines led by Omnius will take place on the ancient Earth , when the robot Erasmus kills the son of Serena Butler , daughter of the viceroy of the League of Nobles . The Noble League confronts the Thinking Machines with First Xavier Harkonnen as one of the military leaders and aided by Vorian Atreides , the human son of the titan Agamemnon , and the betrayal that will make him the enemy of Abulurd Harkonnen , An enmity that will endure between the two Houses for millennia. The origins of the Bene Gesserit , the Doctors Suk , the Mentat and the instantaneous voyage and the Space Brotherhood are also unveiled . And the beginning of the Empire of the Universe Known in the Battle of Corrin .

Prelude to Dune

Main article: Prelude to Dune

This first prelude was published in three novels titled Dune: The Atreides House , Dune: The Harkonnen House and Dune: The Corrino House . In them the events that led to the situation created at the beginning of the original saga unfold. Thus the reader encounters the machinations of Shaddam Corrino to snatch the throne from his father, and his attempt to eliminate the melange monopoly by ordering the Tleilaxu to develop a synthetic substitute, the Amal . The conquest of Ix by the Tleilaxu ends up causing the fall of the Vernius house , and its liberation by the inhabitants, the birth of Ix as a corporation . The Reverend Mother Mohiam blackmails Baron Vladimir Harkonnen to conceive Jessica , who disobey the program Kwisatz Haderach of Bene Gesserit conceiving a child of the young Duke Leto Atreides , at the beginning of his rising political career in Landsraad .

Dune 7

Two more novels have been published, continuations of the original saga constructed from notes left by Frank Herbert and that were only found after his death: Hunters of Dune (2008) and Sand worms of Dune (2009), based on a Hypothetical seventh title of the original saga that Frank Herbert had predicted.

In Dune Hunters , the Ithaca , Duncan Idaho ‘s ship embarks on its exotic odyssey through the unexplored confines of the universe, haunted by a mysterious and terrifying Enemy . In order to be able to face him, the fugitives need to become stronger: the only alternative is to resort to Scytale’s genetic technology , so that he can relive the Dune figures of the past and his prodigious abilities. Murbella continues the process of assimilation of the Honored Matres and the Bene Gesserit in a New Brotherhood , eliminating the remains of Matres rebels and preparing to face the Enemy , the old Thinking Machines Omnius and Erasmus , embodied in Daniel and Marty , the supposed face dancers Who watched Idaho at the end of Chapterhouse Dune .

Heroes of Dune

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson published in 2008 “Paul de Dune”, 9 connected to the end of “Dune” by Frank Herbert. In 2009 they publish “Winds of Dune”, 10 that follows after “The Messiah of Dune”. Apparently they would write two more books, one on Irulan and one on Leto (son of Paul).

Great Schools of Dune

In 2012 they published “The Brotherhood of Dune” 11 and in March of 2014 “The Mentats”, 12 that will be part of a trilogy on the formation of the great schools: Bene Gesserit , Doctors Suk , Mentat , Space Brotherhood And the beginning of the Empire of the Known Universe in the Battle of Corrin .

Adaptations in the cinema, the television and the comic

The success of the novel immediately promoted the idea of ​​moving it to the big screen. Alejandro Jodorowsky had intention to take over the project, [ citation needed ] with the help of Jean Giraud , known as Moebius and HR Giger for the creation of the visual atmosphere of the film. With actors like Orson Welles in the role of Baron Harkonnen and Salvador Dali as the Emperor Shaddam IV, [ citation needed ] the soundtrack should have been composed by Pink Floyd . [ Citation needed ]

Finally, after passing through the hands of several directors, producer Dino de Laurentiis commissioned the performance of Dune (1984) to director David Lynch , who had to his credit the success of The Elephant Man (1980). With his friend Kyle MacLachlan in the lead role of Paul Atreides, the film featured great actors and actresses in his cast: Brits Francesca Annis and Siân Phillips as Lady Jessica and Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam respectively, the German Jürgen Prochnow as the Duke Leto Atreides, Sting as Feyd Rautha Harkonnen, Kenneth McMillan as the perverse Baron Harkonnen or a young Brad Dourif in the role of Mentat Piter de Vries; also it counted with the participation of Patrick Stewart playing Gurney Halleck, the weapons master Paul Atreides. The original soundtrack was composed by the American group Toto , although the main theme of the film, “Prophecy Theme” was commissioned to Brian Eno .

In 2008 it was announced a new film based on the book, that would be directed by Peter Berg and produced by Paramount Pictures . 13 14 The Magacine Variety mentioned that the producers sought to make a “faithful adaptation” of the novel, and considered “the concept of finite ecological resources particularly today.” 13 Frank Herbert’s son Brian Herbert and author Kevin J. Anderson , who has co-authored several sequels and previews of Dune since 1999, would join the team as technical advisors according to AMCTV . fifteen

There have also been two television miniseries covering the first three novels of the saga ( Scifi Channel ): Dune and Sjos de Dune .

  • Dune , a 1984 filmdirected by David Lynch . 16
  • Dune , 2000 miniseriesbased on the first novel of the saga. 17
  • Sons of Dune , 2003 miniseries continuation of the previous miniseries and based on the novels The Messiah of Dune and Sons of Dune . 18

The comic version is an adaptation of David Lynch ‘s film . The Marvel took very seriously this task and had it with the art of cartoonist Bill Sienkiewicz , getting the cartoons were a scrupulous reflection of the film, even for the first time, that fidelity was embodied in the hiperealista like drawings With the actors of the film. In Spain it was edited by Ediciones Forum within the Marvel Graphic Novels collection ( 1985 )

According to Variety reported on December 22, 2016, Legendary Pictures was in negotiations with Canadian director Denis Villeneuve , author of two other films of the genre: The arrival and Blade Runner 2049 , to definitely direct a new film version, after acquiring that his rights. 19 On February 1, 2017, Brian Herbert , the son of Frank Herbert , confirmed via Twitter that Villeneuve will take charge of the new film adaptation of the universe of Dune , whose distribution will be in a film format of saga as Lord of the Rings . twenty

Video Games

The legacy of Dune has been used for the realization of several video games:

Created by Virgin Interactive, in 1990, it was a successful game that combined the best of the graphic adventures of the time with some elements of what, later, would be the games of strategy.
The collaboration with the company Cryo would endow the game with a very attractive graphic interface, which was able to join graphic requirements suitable for the moment and a successful soundtrack (later marketed separately).
Dune II
It is considered the most successful production of the franchise. It was configured as the real-time strategy game, being the first time the game was divided into 3 houses: Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos. It emphasizes its modern interface, game mode, as well as the adequacy, and innovation in what to the literary saga of Dune refers. It emerged in 1992 and was developed by Westwood Studios.
Dune 2000
In 1998 the third installment of the saga, Dune 2000, appears. The game basically follows the structure of the previous installment, adapting the game to modern times (improving gameplay and graphics). They added high definition film scenes and a very interesting soundtrack, as in previous releases.
Emperor: Battle for Dune
Graphically, it was a success in terms of real-time strategy games. It appeared in 2001. It highlights a very successful soundtrack, which was marketed separately.
House Atreides
Frank Klepacki
  1. Atreides Menu
  2. Atreides Map
  3. The War Begins
  4. Sand Excursion
  5. Assembling The Troops
  6. The Spice Must Flow
  7. The Overseer
  8. Battle of The Atreides
  9. Ride The Worm
  10. Infiltrating The Harkonnen
  11. Unsuspected attack
  12. Fremen Alliance
  13. Assassination Attempt
  14. Fight in The Dunes
  15. Atreides Score
  16. Menu
  17. Map
  18. Score
House Harkonnen
David Arkenstone
  1. Harkonnen Menu
  2. Harkonnen Map
  3. The Machine
  4. Surrounded
  5. Tribute To Evil
  6. Harkonnen Force
  7. Legacy
  8. Unstoppable
  9. Dark Alliance
  10. War For The Spice
  11. Defenders Of Arrakis
  12. House Harkonnen
  13. Invincible
  14. Victory Is Inevitable
  15. Harkonnen Score
House Ordos
Jarrid Mendelson
  1. Ordos Menu
  2. Ordos Map
  3. Not an Option
  4. The Strategist
  5. House Ordos
  6. Ghola
  7. Executronic
  8. Deception
  9. Sabotage
  10. Dream of The Executrix
  11. A Plan of Attack
  12. Ordos Control
  13. The Specimen
  14. Infiltrators
  15. Ordos Score
Frank Herbert’s Dune
Developed by DreamCatcher Interactive, it was released in December 2001. It tried to follow the plot of the contemporary film adaptation. Only the music was well received by critics.

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