Dietitian (song)

Dietética is the first single from Soda Stereo , it appeared as track 5. It counted on a cut of diffusion for the promotion of the nascent grouping and its first album.


The lyrics of the song and the video, refer to the great importance that is given in modern society to have a lean body shape and continuous diets to achieve that method. One of the images belonging to the court that refers to that item, is one where the drummer of the band, is seated at a table, dropping pills, alluding to some diet medicine, and with a cup of coffee, appears in Repeatedly laughing in a manic way. Another reference but now in the letter, is in the phrase “I love you but you are so fat, I feel that you are not modern …”

Also the song refers to the new ideas that brought with the group “We are a dietary set.We draw a dietary wave …”

And the fall of the military regime that ruled Argentina in those times (this is an irony to end a diet or “regime”) “The regime is over, it’s over! The regime is over, it’s over!


The music starts with a riff and then little by little the other instruments begin to appear. It has a New Wave wave, influenced by Rock music