Deborah Lipstadt

Deborah Lipstadt Esther ( 18 as March as 1947 (69 years) New York) is a historian American and author of Holocaust denial . Professor of Modern Judaism and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. He received his BA from City College in New York, and his MA and PhD from Brandeis University .

Lipstadt was a consultant for the Holocaust Memorial Museum of the United States. In 1994 he was appointed by Bill Clinton to the Holocaust Memorial Council of the United States, where he served two terms. 1

David Irving’s demand for libel

See also: Irving v. Lipstadt et al.
See also: Holocaust denialism

The writer David Irving sued Lipstadt and her publisher, Penguin Books , for libel in a British court, after she known specially some of his writings and public statements as Holocaust denial in his book Holocaust denial . The legal defense team was led by Anthony Julius, and the defense was brought before the court by the Counselor of Queen Richard Rampton in early 2000. The defense expert was Cambridge historian Richard J. Evans.

Although the English libel legislation placed the burden of proof on the defendant rather than on the plaintiff, Penguin and Lipstadt won the case, using the defense justification, namely by demonstrating in court that Lipstadt’s accusations against Irving Are true and, therefore, not slanderous. The case was presented as a bench trial before Judge Charles Gray British, who produced a text of statement 334 pages, detailing the systematic distortion of the history of World War II by Irving. The newspaper The Times (April 14, 2000, p. 23) says Lipstadt’s victory, “History has had its day in court and scored a crushing victory.” 2

Freedom of speech

Despite his sullen record with denialist David Irving, Lipstadt has stated that he is personally against the decision of the Austrian court that in 2005 sentenced Irving to three years imprisonment for his speech (denial of the Holocaust is punishable in Austria for A maximum of 20 years imprisonment). “I feel uncomfortable with imprisoning people for their speech. Let them leave and fade from all the radar screens.” 3 4

Negacionismo soft-core

According to an article in the Jerusalem Post , in February 2007, Lipstadt used the neologism negacionismo soft-core during the annual fundraising dinner of the Zionist Federation in London. Referring to groups such as the Muslim Council of Great Britain, he reportedly said: “When groups of people refuse to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day until they are engaged in the struggle against prejudice against Muslims, this is denialism Soft-core . ” According to the journalist: “He received great applause when asked how the former President of the United States Jimmy Carter could omit years 1939-1947 of a chronology in his book” referring to the recently published and controversial book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid , Says: “When a former president of the United States writes a book about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and writes a chronology at the beginning of the book to help them understand the emergence of the situation, and in that chronology lists nothing of importance between 1939 and 1947, this is negacionismo soft-core . ” 5

In the same vein, Lipstadt has criticized the German philosopher and historian Ernst Nolte for engaging in what he calls the ” soft-core denialism” of the Holocaust, and has argued that Nolte practices an even more dangerous form of revisionism than Holocaust deniers. Speaking of Nolte in an interview in 2003, Lipstadt said. “Historians, as the German Ernst Nolte, are true even more dangerous than the deniers mode Nolte is an anti-Semite of the first order, which attempts to rehabilitate Hitler saying He was no worse than Stalin , but he was careful not to deny the Holocaust.The negationists have made life more comfortable for Nolte.With their radical argument they have pushed the center a little more to their side.Therefore, a radical less extremist, Like Nolte, is closer to the middle, which makes it more dangerous. ” 6

Review of Ward Churchill

The writer and political activist Ward Churchill accuses Lipstadt of denying the genocide of the Native Americans in his book A Little Matter of Genocide , although in some other aspects seems to appreciate its work. Churchill argues that by stating that the Holocaust can not be compared with anything else in the history of humanity, referring to its uniqueness, Lipstadt itself involved in a form of what she would later call negacionismo soft-core ; If one does not recognize that the genocide of the Native Americans is as morally despicable as the Holocaust, then it is denying the true nature of that genocide, and the similarities between these, on the other hand, disparate phenomena of genocide. 7 8


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