Dark Angel (TV series)

Dark Angel is a television series type science fiction cyberpunk , created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee . It was initially televised by FOX , and then by local networks.


Jessica Alba played Max, the protagonist of Dark Angel

The story of the series begins when, in the early 2000s , the US government undertakes serious genetic engineering work to produce supersoldiers . This project was called Manticore and had its base in the state of Wyoming .

In 2009 a terrorist group manages to detonate an electromagnetic pulse bomb on the West Coast, disabling all computer systems on that side of the country, including many banks and research centers, leaving the United States in ruin and in the same conditions than any other country third world . Before this attack, twelve of the supersoldados, although they were children, managed to escape of the facilities. Among them is X-5 452 , who escapes the outside world along with his other eleven “brothers”.

For ten years, Max has lived in Seattle , USA, trying to make a living as a messenger while at night he uses his special skills to steal valuables. During all this time it has been hiding its characteristics. She, like the rest of the inhabitants, lives almost in conditions of misery due to the pulse mentioned above, a world that in a few years has become a decadent world, in a city cordoned off by Special Forces, where the only voice that Rises against the status quo is that of the mysterious virtual entity “Only Eyes”, a kind of omnipresent justiciero that is dedicated to interfere televising transmissions to expose cases of corruption, produced by people with power, and that by chance of life is seen Involved in Max’s life,


Season 1

  1. Pilot episode
  2. Burning
  3. Febrile
  4. Old friends
  5. Information of a confidant
  6. Prodigy
  7. Comfort Cold
  8. Bla, Bla, Wow, Wow
  9. Lock
  10. Red
  11. Artistic Attack
  12. Wake up
  13. The boys are safe
  14. Conflict among women
  15. Refuge
  16. Little ones in love
  17. Crazy Chicken
  18. The camera man
  19. the princess
  20. treason
  21. And Jesus brought a casserole

Season 2

  1. Designate this
  2. Embolish them
  3. Ticket purchase
  4. Love under the radar
  5. Boo
  6. Two
  7. Surgery required
  8. The girl with the guts
  9. The medium is the message
  10. Brainiac
  11. The Berrisford Agenda
  12. Borrowed time
  13. Light on the pier
  14. Love in twenty
  15. Fuhgeddaboudit
  16. Release
  17. Hello Goodbye
  18. Dawg day afternoon
  19. She is not heavy
  20. Love between runes
  21. Nation phenomenon


Season 1 (2000-2001)


  • Max Guevara ( Jessica Alba , Geneva Locke as a child): Max is a soldier (X-5 452) genetically (transgenically) created in Manticore, a genetic laboratory. As a child, she escapes with 11 other child soldiers and takes refuge in the streets of Seattle in the 21st century, where she meets journalist Logan Cale. They decide to join forces to fight against corruption and oppression. He works on Jam Pony messaging.
  • Kendra Maibaum ( Jennifer Blanc ). Max’s roommate during the first season. She is a translator of Japanese.
  • Logan Cale ( Michael Weatherly ). Logan is a secret cybernetic journalist (Eyes Only) who helps Max, among other things, find the others who escaped with her.
  • Sebastian ( Jade C. Bell )
  • Bling ( Peter James Bryant ) Logan’s Assistant-Physiotherapist.
  • Det. Matt Sung ( Byron Mann ) Honest detective trying to help Logan and Eyes Only.
  • Herbal Thought Alimi Ballard ) Max’s coworker, talks curiously, likes philosophy and marijuana , and his idol is Bob Marley .
  • Cynthia “Original Cindy” McEachin ( Valarie Rae Miller ). Cosmetic afro , is the first and best friend Max. She is a lesbian , and also works alongside Max in Jam Pony.
  • Calvin “Sketchy” Theodore ( Richard Gunn ) Max’s co-worker, often gets into trouble.
  • Reagan “Normal” Ronald ( JC MacKenzie ) Max boss and owner of the messaging Jam Pony. George HW Bush’s admirer .


  • Zack ( William Gregory Lee , Chris Lazar as a child): Another soldier (X-5 599) created in Manticore.
  • Brin ( Nicole Bilderback ): X5-734
  • Tinga ( Lisa Ann Cabasa ): X5-656
  • Jace ( Shireen Crutchfield , Jonah Glasgow as a child)
  • Ben ( Jensen Ackles ): X5-493, James Kirk as a child): X5-493
  • Krit ( Joshua Alba ): X5-511
  • Syl ( Nicki Lynn Aycox ): X5-701
  • Jondy ( young girl Kyley Statham ): X5-210


  • Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker ( John Savage ): Lydecker is responsible for Manticore, his mission is to find the children who escaped years ago at any cost.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Renfro “Madame X” ( Nana Visitor )
  • Agent Sandoval ( Fulvio Cecere )

Season 2 (2001-2002)

  • Alec ( Jensen Ackles ): X5-494
  • Max ( Jessica Alba ): X5-452
  • Ames White ( Martin Cummins )
  • Joshua ( Kevin Durand )
  • Asha ( Ashley Scott )
  • Zack (Cyber ​​Zack, with cybernetic implants): X-5 599


Three books related to the series have been published, written by Max Allan Collins, although none has been published in Spanish. The titles are:

  • Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (2002) tells what happens before the series, when they are children and are in Manticore
  • Dark Angel: Skin Game (2003) interweaves the end of the second season with the third book.
  • Dark Angel: After the Dark (2003) tells what happens after the second season and an end to the series.

Although none of the last two books have been written with exact accuracy in the facts, because the directors of the series, James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee, were thought to realize a final and definitive season. For various reasons, including the lack of budget, because it was an expensive series, and because of the confrontation between James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee, it was decided to cancel the series, and therefore the books are not narrated with too much accuracy.

Video Games

  • Dark Angel ( PS2 )
  • Dark Angel (PC)

In 2002 the videojuego based on the television series, titled originally James Cameron’s Dark Angel , and known in Spain like Dark Angel: Angel of the Night was published . Appeared for the Playstation 2 and X-Box consoles and we got into the skin of Max Guevara in an action game and fight in which Max had to find the rest of his lost brothers. It has to be said that the game had the facial and body captures of both Jessica Alba (Max) and Michael Weatherly (Logan), as well as their original voices and some music cuts from the original series. In Spain the game the same actors that doubled the series in TV also put their voices in the dubbing of the game to Spanish.


Dark Angel picked up a prize in the People’s Choice Award for New Drama Series. In turn, Jessica Alba was nominated for a Golden Globe Awards as a TV series starring actress.