Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting

Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting , known in Spanish under the titles of Shock (in Spain) or Cita with the fear (in Hispanic America), is a 1969 American filmofthe suspense genre, directed by Mark Robson and musicalized by John Williams .

The title of the film comes from the lyrics of the popular English lullaby “Bye, baby Bunting” .

There is an American silent film filmed in 1925 by Frank Borzage and starring Alice Joyce and Percy Marmont, but it has no relation to this film.


Cathy Palmer is a beautiful and somewhat naïve young British woman who emigrates to San Francisco and, as soon as she arrives in the city, meets Kenneth Daly: a very carefree photographer who specializes in children’s portraits, although with little economic income. Between the pair arises a love affair but, to see that its boyfriend continues with its somewhat irresponsible character, Cathy decides to finish although it discovers that she is pregnant . Kenneth does not accept the breakup and insists on marrying her and taking care of their baby, but the woman confesses that she unilaterally decided to abort , thus creating a huge dislike for the photographer.

Sometime later Cathy meets Jack Byrnes at a party, a lawyer with political aspirations, and then both would end up marrying. Soon she is pregnant again and now the young woman willingly accepts her maternity but her joy will last little since in a department store she meets Kenneth and this one, still in pain, decides to take revenge gaining the confidence of Jack to approach To Cathy and then blackmail her so that the abortion that was made when she was single would not be publicly known, because, as her husband of the Republican Party , this incident would harm her incipient political career. Cathy does not give in to the demands of her ex-boyfriend, but soon she will receive the worst news of her life when, after taking a photo of the baby at home, Kenneth ends up kidnapping him and threatens his parents to kill him, which will end up unleashing a search Frantic throughout the city to be able to rescue the newborn alive.


  • Carol White … Cathy Palmer
  • Paul Burke View Profile Jack Byrnes
  • Scott Hylands … Kenneth Daly
  • Mala Powers … Meg Stone
  • James Sikking … Joe Menchell
  • Walter Brooke … Jerry Wolfe
  • Mathilda Calnan … Ilsa
  • Dennis Patrick … Dr. Parkington
  • Rachel Ames … Nurse of Dr. Parkington (does not appear in credits)
  • Gene Lyons … Dr. Blanker
  • John Dennis … Mechanic (does not appear in credits)
  • Barry Cahill … FBI Agent Crosley
  • Edith Atwater … Hospital receptionist (does not appear in credits)
  • Peter Hobbs … Cathy’s Doctor (does not appear in the credits)
  • Harry Holcombe … Inspector Dixon (does not appear in credits)
  • Edward Faulkner … Police in the party of Inspector Dixon (does not appear in the credits)
  • Jeffrey Sayre … Police in the party of Inspector Dixon (does not appear in the credits)
  • Andrea King … Brenda Frazier (does not appear in credits)
  • Ron Masak … Paul Fleming (does not appear in credits)
  • Mark Robson (does not appear in credits)
  • Claude Stroud … Man with a pet (does not appear in the credits)
  • Mark Tapscott … Man on the streetcar (does not appear in the credits)
  • Suzanne Somers … Passer / Double by Carol White (does not appear in credits)

Production Notes

The film premiered on July 2, 1969 and was the first directed by Mark Robson after the 1967 film version of the controversial novel The valley of the dolls of Jacqueline Susann which, although obtained bad reviews, achieved A great commercial success.

This film marked the film debut of Canadian actor Scott Hylands, who would also star in other films such as Earthquake (1974) and Titanic (1996).

According to a note published by the Los Angeles Times originally considered Marlo Thomas, Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda for the role of Cathy Palmer but, finally, it ended up being for the British actress Carol White, besides that was the first film Which she would do in Hollywood. On the other hand, the tape was to be directed originally by Alfred Hitchcock , but this declined the offer and Mark Robson finished being chosen for the same one.

John Williams also musicalized the musical theme of this film, which is written by Dory Previn and played by Lyn Roman.

One of the scenes of the opening credits of the film shows the bus Cathy that leads from the airport to the city driving on the highway Interstate 880 in Oakland , California , which end up being collapsed during the Loma Prieta earthquake , which occurred on as October 17 as 1989 .

It is noteworthy that abortion in the United States was illegal by the filming time of the film , although in some states attenuators were allowed to do so under limited circumstances (generally to protect the woman’s life or in cases of rape or Incest ), which in part would justify in the plot the respective behaviors of Cathy and Kenneth by ceding her to blackmail him for having aborted and, in turn, his accusation of “murdering the son of Both “and their subsequent revenge. This anti – abortion legislation remained until the 22 of January of 1973 when the Supreme Court of that country ruled, in the famous case of Roe v Wade , the woman has the right to free choice understood as “right to privacy Or intimacy “- that would protect the decision to carry or not to carry a pregnancy to term, since this right was protected by the so-called due process clause of the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States and was forced to modify All federal and state laws that proscribed or restricted abortion during the first three months of abortion.

As a curious (and even ironic) note there is a scene, during the sequence in which the character of Cathy is after the search for her kidnapped son, where she ends up going to a theater that is presenting ” Medea “ , the famous tragedy of Euripides , In which her protagonist ends up murdering her own children in revenge for the contempt of her husband. On the other hand, in that theater it is announced that the role of Medea is played by Judith Anderson but obviously we never see her in the film.

This tape was one of the first works of the then unknown model and actress Suzanne Somers (it was the double of Carol White in the sequence when this one is with Kenneth in the ceiling of the restaurant where this one has the son of that one, in addition Of which also participated in another scene like transient in the street) but, nevertheless, does not appear in the credits. Somers would be world famous few years later thanks to its participation in the very successful television series Three’s Company .


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