Cynthia Hotton

Cynthia Hotton (born 1969 in Buenos Aires ) is an Argentine politician who was a member of the Values party for my country, although she was elected as a candidate for the Republican Proposed party (PRO), led by Mauricio Macri . 2

Personal life

She is the daughter of the diplomat Arturo Hotton Risler. His great-grandfathers came from Australia in the early twentieth century . 3

Hotton landed on the politics of the hand of Ricardo López Murphy in the party Recreate for the Growth , that soon was fused with the PRO. In March 2009, Hotton launched the internal stream “Values ​​for My Country” within the PRO. 4 In August of the same year, he officialized his break with the PRO, proclaiming his monoblock with the same name. 2


From his bank he promoted “the defense of life” and the emphatic rejection of the eventual legalization of abortion. 5 In May 2010 she was one of the main opposers to same-sex marriage in Argentina in the Chamber of Deputies leading demonstrations 6 to criticize the law that was approved in July. In the 2011 legislative elections he failed to renew his bankroll.

During the sanction of the 2011 budget, he denounced an attempt of bribery, through text messages sent to his cell phone. Days later the police confirmed that the text messages requesting bribes had been sent from the cell phone of the deputy Hotton, contradicting the versions that it had realized before the justice. 7


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