Commemorative Day of the Victims of National Socialism

The Memorial Day for the Victims of National Socialism (in German Tag an die Opfer des Gedenkens des Nationalsozialismus ) takes place in Germany every January 27th since 1996. 1 Commemorates the day of liberation of the concentration camp of Auschwitz by the Red Army during the The last year of World War II . 2The United Nations declared in 2005 that day as the International Day of Remembrance for the Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust .

Anniversary in Germany

The day serves as a tribute to the victims of a totalitarian regime unprecedented during Nazi Germany :

Jews , Christians , Sinti , Roma , disabled , homosexuals , political opponents, members of the resistance , scientists , artists , journalists , prisoners of war, deserters, children and elderly people from the front, people forced to work and the millions of people who were tortured , Deprived of their rights, persecuted and murdered under the regime of National Socialist terror. 3

Norbert Lammert


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