Civitas Institute

The Civitas Institute is a political movement Catholic inspired by the Social Doctrine of the Church , which brings together lay Catholics committed to the establishment of the Social Kingdom of Christ on the peoples and nations in general and particularly about France and the French.

The Civitas Institute “For a Catholic City” was founded by François de Penfentenyo , one of the sons of Michel de Penfentenyo (the right hand of Jean Ousset at the head of the work of the Catholic City ).

It emerged as a detachment of ICHTUS , today “Center of formation à l’action civique et culturelle selon le droit naturel et chrétien” (Center of Formation for Civic and Cultural Action according to Natural and Christian Law), the editors of the magazine ” Permanences “.

Civitas lies within the orbit of the St. Pius X Fraternity , while the Formation Center is closer to Ecclesia Dei . However there are many relationships between the two institutions and other related, as Catholic Renaissance ( Raffard de Brienne ), Chrétienté-Solidarité , the Centre for Business Research , the Network Managers , the Social Action and School , AGRIF (an organization against discrimination The Catholics), SICLER (an aid organization for small municipalities), pro-life groups , etc.

Just the idea of ​​all the organizations that have emerged from the Catholic City is to form cells and networks of Catholic organizations willing to act wherever each one has a vocation (as long as he does not betray his principles). Hence one of the exhibitors may be from the National Front and another from the French Monarchist Alliance . Another is, for example, Jacques Tremolet de Villiers, the former director of ICTUS, a lawyer for AGRIF, and a specialist in Catholic art and culture.

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