Chile United Foundation

Fundación Chile Unido is a private , independent, non-profit Chilean institution. Founded in 1998. They are defined as “an instance of meeting, reflection and dissemination of those values ​​that are essential for national coexistence, above any political or religious position and beyond any division of the past or present.” 1

Programs and activities

Executive Director Verónica Hoffmann said in CNN Chile that “we accompany and mainly welcome and contain women who are just passing through a situation of vulnerability that can perfectly well be a case of rape, a diagnosis of fetal unfeasibility. Manages to reverse the abortion decision by 93% ” 2

In the area of ​​social assistance, the foundation has the programs Acoge una Vida y Comunícate , as well as a toll-free telephone line to provide support and guidance in relation to social problems.

The Acoge una Vida program provides support, containment and accompaniment to women with unplanned or unplanned pregnancies. The Communicate program provides guidance and psychological support to people who want to find a way to solve their problems, improve their mental health and their well-being. Chile Unido delivered, free of charge, assistance with its team of psychologists to the people affected in the fire of Valparaíso in 2013. 3

They also work in the area of ​​Reconciliation of work with the family. Together with the magazine and the newspaper El Mercurio, annual studies are conducted to public and private companies to highlight the practices that conciliate workers parents and mothers with organizations. They advise companies on the basis of talks, workshops and programs related to human resources and the balance and quality of life. They established a Network of Work and Family Conciliation Companies to generate instances of strengthening and dissemination of Work and Family Conciliation practices. 4

Among some of the activities carried out by the foundation is the celebration of the Day of the Child that is about to be born , on 25 March. 5 6 Night for Life, an annual meal for the benefit of the Foundation, 7 event that has been held since 2012, reaching more than a thousand attendees in 2014. 8 9

They’ve run ad campaigns whose videos can be viewed on their YouTube channel. Among them are I die , I’m going to kill , The first few months , Think of you and There is no life . 10

Unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy is an initiative of Chile Unido that aims to provide support to pregnant women. To do so, it has a website that provides information about pregnancy, the problems that are generated around it, and a toll-free number to guide and support pregnant women, as well as testimonies of women who have used their services.


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