Charles Galton Darwin

Charles Galton Darwin ( 18 December of 1887- † 31 December of 1962) was a physicist English , grandson of Charles Darwin . He served as director of the National Laboratory of Physics (NPL) during World War II . 1


Carlos G. Darwin was born in Cambridge , England, into a dynasty of scientists, artists and professionals: son of an astronomer , George Howard Darwin , and grandson of Charles Darwin (his middle name seems to allude to a second cousin of his grandfather named Francis Galton , polymath , anthropologist , geographer , explorer , inventor , meteorologist , statistician , psychologist British with a broad spectrum of interests). His mother Maud du Puy , of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . Her older sister was the artist Gwen Raverat , younger sister, Margaret, married Geoffrey Keynes , the brother of economist John Maynard Keynes . His younger brother, William Robert Darwin, was a stockbroker in London .

Charles G. Darwin was educated at Marlborough College and, in 1910, he graduated in mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge . He then secured a master’s degree at Victoria University in Manchester , working under the orders of professors such as Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr on Rutherford’s Atomic Theory . In 1912, his scientific interests were developed, using his mathematical knowledge, in the assistance to Henry Moseley in his theory on the diffraction of X-rays . His two 1914 scientific papers X-ray diffraction on perfect crystals have become classic quotations.

In 1925 he married Katharine Pember, a mathematician, and they had five children:

  • Cecily Darwin (1926).
  • George Pember Darwin (1928- † 2001).
  • Henry Galton Darwin (1929- † 1992).
  • Francis William Darwin (1932- † 2001).
  • Edward Leonard Darwin (1934).

As a retiree, he turned his attention to issues related to the world population , genetics and eugenics . Their conclusions were very pessimistic and entailed a resigned belief to a final destination of humanity facing an inevitable Malthusian catastrophe , as described in his 1952 book ” The next million years ” ( The Next Million Years ). He died in Cambridge.

Acknowledgments and awards

He was knight of the British Empire and member of the Royal Society . 2


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