Catholic Moral Theology

According to the Catholic Church , the moral theology is the part of the Catholic theology ” that deals with the systematic study of the ethical principles of the supernatural revealed doctrine “, applying them to everyday life of the Catholic and the Church . This theology is partly encompassed by the systematic theology . But despite that, many times she also is associated with the practical theology . 1

The Gospel and the truths revealed doctrines , studied by dogmatic theology , they are essentially linked to an ethics and conduct moral . ” The doctrine revealed, strictly speaking, is an ethical imperative, because it presents, as a whole, the required standards for the relations of men among themselves and with God “. 1 This ethical and moral , which ” prepares us to be the kind of person who can live with God ” in the eternal life , so revolve around the ” challenge of giving of yourself to others ” and God. 2 Therefore, these rules should be practiced in the daily ” as an expression of full acceptance of the Gospel message ” and the will of God for humanity. 1 The practice of this Catholic moral, whose fundamental and compulsory part are the beatitudes , serves to liberate man from the ” bondage of sin “, 3 which is a real ” abuse of freedom “. 4 This is because ” we only become free if we can be better ” and be ” attracted to the good and beautiful5 seen the goodness and the beatitudes ” define the context for Christian moral life “. 6

According to the doctrine of the Catholic Church , ” the moral question is the focus of the problem salvific , since salvation depends on our behavior , after justification received with the grace of baptism .” The goal of moral theologyis to bring the virtues Christian excellence ” to end the lives of every Catholic