Bill Baird

William F. “Bill” Baird is a Pro American election activist , founder of the Pro Choice League . It established the first national referral center for abortion in 1964 , and shortly after the first abortion and birth control center on a campus in the United States .


Baird was clinical director of EMKO, a pharmaceutical company that manufactured contraceptive products , in 1963 while coordinating an investigation in a hospital in New York witnessed the death of a young person who had practiced an illegal abortion at home, and who was denied assistance by Be prohibited birth control in that state. 1 Since then, it began its fight for the rights of women to birth control and abortion. He was sent to jail in New York and New Jersey for teaching birth control and distribution of abortion literature. 2 The 7 of April of 1967 , Baird, the father of four children, was declared a “threat to society” and sentenced to three months in jail on Charles Street , Cambridge , Massachusetts to give a can of contraceptive foam to a single student during A conference tour on birth control. A year later, Baird led a demonstration outside the Zayre’s department store in Massachusetts, which sold contraceptives without legal consequences. By highlighting the arbitrary application of the law, Baird’s activism contributed to profound changes in legislation, eventually leading to a Supreme Court ruling extending the right to use contraception to all unmarried persons. 3


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