Austrian Committee of Mauthausen

The Austrian Mauthausen committee is responsible for scientific and educational work in relation to the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp . This association was founded in 1997 and is the successor to the Austrian Community of Mauthausen concentration camp.


The Austrian Committee of Mauthausen is defined by the following: “Our association has no relation either to political parties or to any religion. We work for a free and democratic society and for the protection of human rights for everyone, without thinking about their nationality, their political ideologies or their religion. We work to avoid every form of fascism , racism , neo-Nazism , chauvinism and anti-Semitism . ”


With that definition, the committee works by reprocessing the Nazi time in Austria during World War II. The committee focuses on working with young people and is dedicated to the maintenance of the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. A meeting place for young people from all over Europe is in the pipeline.

As part of the “Mauthausen International Committee”, the Mauthausen Committee Austria has intensive contacts with various organizations, for example “Amicale de Mauthausen” in Paris and is organizing several commemorations. The committee has many sub-organizations in various regions of Austria to have a network form.


Willi Mernyi (director), Wolfgang Johannes Bandion | es_text = Wolfgang J [ohannes]. Bandion, Andreas Baumgartner, Benedikt Egger , Robert Eiter, Raimund Fastenbauer, Marko Feingold ( -c- ), Beate Gotthartsleitner , Helmut Gotthartsleitner , Peter Gstettner, Joachim Hainzl , Alexander Hauer , Ludwig Popper, Wolfgang Schönleitner , Adalbert Wagner .
Christoph Schönborn , Erich Foglar, Oskar Deutsch, Ernst Nedwed, Gerhard Kastelic , Michael Bünker, Arsenios Kardamakis, Nicolae Dura , Rudolf Hundstorfer, Michael Häupl , Josef Pühringer, Rudolf Sarközi, Katja Sturm-Schnabl, Kurt Krickler , Brigitte Bailer, Hannah Lessing, Franz Vranitzky , Erhard Busek, Erika Weinzierl, Richard Schreiber , Helmut Schüller, Philipp Jost


There is a newspaper called Mauthausen Edition .