Atma Energy Release Training Center

The Training Center for the release of energy Atma (German: Trainingszentrum Freisetzung der zur Atmaenergie 1 ), better known as sect Heide Fittkau , was a group sectarian mainly active in Tenerife ( Spain ) and Germany . It is known mainly for the suspicion of trying to commit a ritual suicide in the Teide National Park in Tenerife. 2 The media called it “the Heide sect” in honor of its founder, 3 4 name by which it is best known today.

Although initially believed to be a split from the Order of the Solar Temple , 5 6 later it was found to be a split from the Brahma Kumaris group . 7 8

The group believed in the end of the world and that a spaceship would rescue them. 1 7 However, according to the scholar of religion Georg Schmid 9 and the sociologist Massimo Introvigne , 10 did not intend to commit suicide collectively. 1 11


The sect was founded by a German psychologist Heide Fittkau citizen called Garthe, who on 15 August as as 1994 sold all its assets and settled in Tenerife.

The day 8 of January of 1998 , Heide Fittkau Garthe, according to the initial suspicion, attempted suicide with his followers in Las Canadas del Teide , an act that was aborted after a police raid on the premises that the sect had in Santa Cruz de Tenerife . 5

According to the Spanish and German police, the group would make a similar sacrifice that made the Order of the Solar Temple (OTS) on 4 of October of 1994 in Cheiry and Salvan , December two villages in Switzerland . On that occasion, the first of a series of collective suicides, 48 ​​adherents of the Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple took their lives to anticipate the final cataclysm. Moreover, just three years later in 1997 the sect Heaven’s Gate ( “Puerta del Cielo” ), also made a ritual suicide in San Diego ( California ), these events alerted police about the sect of Heide.

At the time of the arrest of the Heide sect, the sectarians were celebrating their farewell dinner. Heide Fittkau Garthe was worshiped by his faithful as Mother Aida and had been preparing for the feast for many months: “Our last supper on planet Earth will be in Tenerife,” he said. 12

One of the policemen involved in the operation went on to say: “They had not left anything to improvisation, they were all dressed in loose tunics, they were barefoot and they heard a very soft music, like meditation, they had huge casseroles full of vegetarian food.” 12 At the door, in addition to the four cars owned by the psychologist, there were other vehicles hired to travel to Teide . There, a spacecraft had to collect its spirits and move them to an unknown planet. 12 They believed that the spacecraft would rescue them from the supposed end of the world. 1 If not, they were suspected of committing collective suicide. 7

The sopechas, however, could not be verified. 2 November in the news almost acquittal Fittkau-Garthe was not mentioned. 13


According to Angela Gabriela, a former member of the sect, the culmination of rituals was the “ring of love”. This consisted in practicing enormous orgies, even with minors and members of the same family. 14

In the sect there were two minors, a twelve-year-old boy and a girl of eight, apparently the sect believed that when the eight-year-old girl was sixteen, she would beget Jesus . In an orgy she would be impregnated by one of the men of the sect and no one would know who was to be the father of the child. 14

Heide the sectarian leader had mentioned: “The axis of the earth will explode and neither Europe nor Munich nor Mongolia will remain. It will be the 8 of January in Tenerife, to the 8 pm We have to plan together the final days”. 12

Apparently the 32 members of the sect believed that suicide after their souls would be collected by a spacecraft and taken to an unspecified destination. However, recent articles from Tenerife News and Diario de Avisos put this in doubt, claiming that there was no intention of committing suicide on the part of the group. 15 2 The journalist and expert on sects Pepe Rodriguez does not believe that the group intended to kill himself but “the evidence points in that direction should not have been interpreted literally but as something symbolic.” 16


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