Association of Women Meretrices of Argentina

The Association of Women Meretrices of Argentina ( AMMAR ) is the union of sex workers in Argentina . It is in charge of defending your rights and watching over your interests. It is affiliated to the CTA (Central de Trabajadores Argentinos). Among its claims is the decriminalization of abortion .



The organization was founded and incorporated in March of 1995 to the Central of the Argentine Workers. The Dutch Embassy in the city of Buenos Aires contributed to the installation of the office with which the union currently has the CTA building.

At the international level, since 1997 and based on contacts with different organizations, there was the creation of the Network of Sex Workers of Latin America and the Caribbean ; It articulates organizations and focal points of the different countries of the continent. Elena Reynaga , as representative of Ammar, chairs this network.

The action of Ammar contributed to the repeal of the police edicts and the decriminalization of street prostitution in the city ​​of Buenos Aires for a brief period, until the reform of article 71 of the Code Contravencional on March 4, 1999, which again sanctioned The supply of sex on public roads in certain cases.

The murder of Sandra Cabrera

On January 27, 2004, Sandra Cabrera , the general secretary of AMMAR in Rosario , was murdered . Cabrera had filed complaints against some local police officers, accusing them of corruption and asking the local sex workers for money in exchange for letting them do their jobs. For this reason she received threats, both against her and her daughter. In November 2003 she was brutally beaten inside her home and threatened to stop reporting. She was killed two months after a head shot. His body was found near the collective terminal of Rosario.


In 2003, Elena Reynaga , secretary general of Ammar, was in charge of closing the “II Meeting on HIV-AIDS DE Latin America and the Caribbean”, which was held in Cuba . Currently, the union has representation in more than half of the provinces of Argentina and its General Secretary is Georgina Orellano . 1 2 In March 2015 the Criminal Justice Offences and Misdemeanors of the City of Buenos Aires with the ruling of the Court No. 8 by Dr. Natalia Molina was recognized to sex work as a legitimate activity, condemned the presecución women workers And urged the government to regulate the activity. 3 4 5 6


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