Andreas Maislinger

Andreas Maislinger (St.Georgen / Salzburg , 26 as February as 1955 ) is a political scientist and activist Austrian . He is founder of the Austrian Memory Service .

Maislinger studied law and political science in Salzburg. He expanded his training also studying history of Europe in Vienna , while he was studying at the universities of Frankfurt and Innsbruck . In 1980 he received his doctorate with a thesis on ” Problems of the Austrian defensive policy “.

He then worked at the Institute of Political Science of Innsbruck, at the University of New Orleans , and the Humboldt of Berlin , as well as the Jewish University of Jerusalem . In the years 1980 – 81 he worked with the Action Service for the Reconciliation for Peace of Germany (Aktion Sühnezeichen / Friedensdienste), and transferred this idea to Austria. In 1991 , with the support of former Finance Minister Franz Löschnak , he succeeded in obtaining Austrian civil service in places of Holocaust memorial abroad. In 1982 he participated in the formation of the working circle of independent initiatives for peace in Austria ( Arbeitsgemeinschaft unabhängiger Friedensinitiativen Österreichs ).

In 1986 he was one of the founders of the Israeli Association Austro-Tirol ( Österreichisch – Israelischen Gesellschaft Tyrol ).

Since 1992 Maislinger has been the director of the historical-scientific organization of the contemporary history of Braunau , whose mission is to remember and illustrate the contemporary history of the city of Braunau am Inn .

Maislinger is the founder of an organization whose mission is to always keep alive the memory of the Holocaust ( Austrian Memory Service ) which has been in front since 1997 . From that position he has engaged in various social issues, such as the abolition of military service and holocaust teaching in schools.

In 1996 Maislinger collaborated with the newspaper ” Jüdischen Rundschau ” (considered the spokesman of the Jews of Austria ) and numerous other magazines of Innsbruck . In 1998 he created the non-profit organization Austrian Service abroad . He has also engaged in projects aimed at helping young students who lack the means.

Since 2003 directs the “newspaper Georg-Rendl-Symposion ” which is also founder, dedicated to the life and especially the work of Georg Rendl , who Maislinger met as a child in St. Georgen.

In 2005 , Federal President Heinz Fischer awarded him the Silver Honor badge in return for services rendered to the Republic of Austria.

Maislinger proposed in 2000 that the house of Braunau am Inn , where he was born Adolf Hitler was used to install in it a House of Responsibility ( Haus der Verantwortung ).