Amanda Todd

Amanda Michelle Todd ( Port Coquitlam , British Columbia , Canada , 27 of November of 1996 – ibid , October of October of 2012 ) was a student Canadian known for a case of cyberbullying that led her to commit suicide . 1 2 Before his death, he posted a video on YouTube nine minutes long in which recounted his experiences ( blackmail , bullying and physical aggression). This video became a “viral phenomenon” following his death and even made news in the international media. 3 4

The Canadian Mounted Police and the state coroner’s office began investigations into the motives for the suicide.

Todd was a high school student CABE Institute of Coquitlam, 5 6 specialized in serving youth center with traumatic experiences. 7

In response to her act, British Columbia’s Prime Minister Christy issued an online statement expressing her condolences about the loss and suggested taking action against cyberbullying in addition to demanding information from schools about bullying in every sense. 8 9

Suicide, cyberbullying, aggression and social marginalization

On September 7, 2012, the girl posted a nine-minute video entitled ” My Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide and Self-harm” (YouTube) your experience. A month later and coinciding with his death, the video attracted the attention of public opinion and on October 13 had already received more than 1,600,000 visits. 10

During the video, Amanda explains that while studying the seventh grade (2009-10) she moved with her father and started using video chat to interact with new friends, one of them, an anonymous, convinced her to teach her breasts by the webcam . 11 Shortly after his life became a nightmare when the anonymous began to blackmail her with posting his topless to all his contacts if he did not agree to do a “dance online” (possibly a striptease). 12

That Christmas, Amanda received a police visit at 4:00 am (local time) during Christmas, which informed her that the photo of her breasts had been sent to all her contacts. 11 At this news, the girl fell into depression, anxiety and deep trauma. Finally he would move with his parents to another home and began a new life in another school, although this time he fell in the consumption of alcohol and narcotics. 12

A year later, the individual reappeared. Again she knew the names of Amanda’s new contacts and the name of her new school. In addition, he created a Facebook page that used his topless photograph as a profile image, and contact with all his classmates at the new school. 13 14 Again Amanda was bullied, and began to self-harm. Finally, he changed from school to school again. 13 14 She tells in the video that everything was better, although she sat alone during lunch. She wrote that a month later, she began to chat with an “old friend”, who communicated with her. 13 14 The friend started a “loving” relationship with Amanda, who felt alone and thought he loved her, when in fact he had only interests sex with the girl while his girlfriend was on vacation. 13 14 15 The following week, Amanda received a text message that said “leave the school”. The boy’s girlfriend and a group of 15 other people including him, confronted Amanda out of school, shouting insults at her. Someone shouted to the boy’s girlfriend to hit her and she threw Amanda to the ground and began punching him; 13 the incident was recorded and Amanda was finally left alone and lying on the ground. Amanda says she lied and said it was all her fault and her idea, this to protect the boy, because he thought he loved her. After the attack, Amanda remained hidden in a ditch, where its father found it. 13 14 Arriving at her home, Amanda attempted suicide by drinking bleach, but survived after being taken to the hospital for a stomach wash. 13 14 12 “It killed me inside and in fact I thought I was going to die,” Amanda said in her video. 4 13 14 After returning from the hospital, Amanda read cruel and hurtful comments on social networks about the bleacher incident. 16 Amanda moved to another city with her mother, and decided not to file a charge for what happened, because she wanted to continue with her life. Six months later, other abusive messages and comments continued to be posted on social networking sites. Amanda’s mental and emotional state worsened and she suffered from anxiety and depression. In the video, she recounts that a month ago, she had been admitted to hospital for an overdose of antidepressants despite having prescribed prescriptions. 17 11

On October 10, 2012, Amanda committed suicide by hanging herself, her body was found by a neighbor of her estate, having uploaded a last video to Youtube 4 hours before she died. 18 19


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