Abortion in Turkey

The Induced Abortion in Turkey or abortion is legal in Turkey since 1983 until 10 weeks of gestation -two and a half months at the request of the woman . 1 2

Legal context

Family planning in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey

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The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey recognizes in article 41 – amended on 17 October 2011 – equality of rights between spouses , special protection of mothers and children and recognizes the right to education in practical application Of family planning . 3

Legalization of abortion up to 10 weeks in Turkey in 1983

Until 1983 abortion was legal in Turkey only to save the life or health of the mother and in case of malformation of the fetus. (Criminal Code of March 1, 1936, Act No. 557 of January 1, 1965, and ordinance of June 12, 1967). During the 1980s there was a high and increasing incidence of unsafe abortion in Turkey – with high morbidity and mortality figures for pregnant women practicing unsafe abortion . This situation contributed decisively to the legalization of abortion at the request of women within 10 weeks of gestation, through the promulgation of the Law of Planning of May 24, 1983 (Law 2827, sections 5 and 6, and Ordinance No. 83 / 7395 of November 14, 1983, with rank of law). 4 5

Abortion in Turkey

Abortion in rural and urban areas

Early abortions have fewer complications than abortions at the 10-week legal limit. In Turkey, the earliest abortions are performed mostly in urban areas and those close to legal limits in rural areas, so early practice is associated with education. 6

Incidence of abortion in Turkey

The 1993 data indicated a high rate of abortion per pregnancy along with a low percentage of women who had practiced it. The percentage of abortion practice increased with age and with the survival of the number of children – those women who already have surviving children – as well as induced abortion with age, the education of the woman and the husband. 92% of abortions occur before the second month of gestation and only 8% in the following months. 1

Use of contraception and abortion decline in Turkey

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In Turkey the use of contraceptive methods and family planning services is very broad compared to other countries. 1 The extent of contraceptive use has reduced the abortion rate from 4.5 abortions per 100 women in 1988 to 2.4 abortions per 100 women in 1998. The fertility rate fell from 3.8 children per woman in 1990- 1995 to 2.5 in 1995-2000, and the population growth rate fell from 2.2% to 1.7%. 7 The increase in contraceptive use results in a lower incidence of abortion in places where fertility is constant. 8 5

Abortion with medication

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As in other countries where abortion is legal for a term from gestation, in Turkey increases abortion with drugs against surgical abortion . The protocol mostly chosen, for medical abortion and in pregnancies up to 56 days, was mifepristone plus misoprostol . 9 2


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