Abortion in Portugal

The Abortion in Portugal , based on induced abortion or abortion is legal since the referendum of April 10, 2007 and the subsequent publication of the Law 16/2007 of 17 April Exclusão ilicitude gives us cases of voluntary pregnancy gives interrupção . The practice of voluntary termination of pregnancy is legalized during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, at the request of the woman. 1

Referendum on the legalization of abortion in Portugal 2007

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The law was promulgated after the 2007 referendum on the decriminalization of abortion in Portugal, which approved its liberalization. 2 3

Law 16/2007 of April 17

Law 16/2007 of April 17 establishes that voluntary termination of pregnancy can be performed during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy , at the request of the woman and both in the national health system and in authorized private health facilities.

The law indicates that a mandatory minimum period of three days of reflection should be established from the request of the woman, and that women should be guaranteed “the availability of psychological assistance during the period of reflection”.

Other assumptions: rape, malformation of the fetus, mother’s health

The law contemplates a maximum of 16 weeks of gestation in cases of rape or sexual abuse (without the need for a police report).

Induced abortion is also permitted up to 24 weeks of pregnancy in case of malformation of the fetus and at any time during pregnancy in case of risk for the pregnant woman (“danger of death or serious and irreversible damage to the body or physical or mental health Of the pregnant woman “) or in the case of fetal unfeasibility.

Permits and licenses

A woman who has had an induced abortion or a miscarriage is entitled to a license for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 30 days.

Abortion penalty cases

Abortion by third parties without the consent of the pregnant woman is punishable by two years in prison and 3 in the case of the consent of the pregnant woman. These penalties will be raised in the case of “death or serious bodily injury to the pregnant woman, or if such practice is customary.

Women who have exceeded the legal deadlines for abortion and therefore perform an illegal abortion can be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison.


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