Abortion in Namibia

The abortion in Namibia is illegal under the law of South Africa on Abortion and Sterilization (1975), Namibia inherited during the time of independence from South Africa in March 1990. Only abortions are allowed when continuing the pregnancy “life – threatening Of the woman or constitutes a serious threat to her physical or mental health or when there is a serious risk that the child will suffer a physical or mental defect that will cause her to be seriously and irreparably disabled. ” The law also allows termination of pregnancy in cases of rape or incest .

In addition to the woman’s doctor, two more physicians need to certify the existence of the reasons for abortion and the operation must be performed by “a medical practitioner in a state hospital or an approved medical facility.” 1

In a statement at the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo , Minister of Health and Social Services Nickey Iyambo stated that

On the question of abortion, Namibia’s position is that it can only be carried out under medical supervision within the confines of the laws, which state that consent to abortion can only occur in cases of rape, incest and when the life of The woman is in danger. Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, it must be understood that Namibia does not promote abortion as a method of family planning, but rather as a matter of public health. 2


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