Abortion in Luxembourg

The abortion in Luxembourg was decriminalized on 15 November 1978. 1 Within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, a woman who is determined “at risk” can get an abortion after two consultations with a doctor, one doctor and a social psychologist , And a waiting period of three to seven days. After the first twelve weeks, abortion can only be obtained when two doctors certify that there is a danger to the mother and fetus. Minor patients should be accompanied by a trusted adult during meetings and the procedure itself. Abortions can be performed in hospitals, clinics or the doctor’s office. 2

Prior to the reforms passed in 2012, only a doctor could determine if a woman was “in danger”. Abortions in the first twelve weeks were only allowed in the case of a threat to the mother’s physical or mental health, a real risk of the child being born with a serious illness or serious defects, or a pregnancy resulting from a rape. Underage patients needed to obtain parental consent for an abortion, and abortions could be performed only in hospitals and clinics 1 23

Due to religious reasons, many doctors in Luxembourg generally do not perform abortions. 1 Doctors who choose not to have an abortion, or are unable to do so, are obliged to refer the patient to another doctor under the law 2012. 2


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