Abortion in Guyana

The abortion in Guyana is a complex issue. For most of the 20th century , it was officially illegal but almost never enforced. In 1995 , it entered into force legislation that made abortion legal if it is performed by a licensed physician during the first eight weeks of pregnancy , with the consent of the pregnant woman. 1

Between eight and twelve weeks from conception , abortion is legal only if the next birth results in risks to the health of the woman or the fetus, or if the pregnancy occurs despite the use of contraceptives . Between 12 and 16 weeks, abortion can be legally performed, but only if the health of the woman or the fetus is in danger. After 16 weeks, it is only possible to perform an abortion in the case of serious health-related circumstances. 1

In 2006 , the government of Guyana in theory let the hospitals public perform abortions. In fact, public hospitals only perform abortions that have already been undertaken by pregnant women. 2 He started doing it in 2008 .

The Guyana government continues to seek ways to reduce the number of abortions in Guyana. 2


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