Abortion in Germany

The abortion in Germany , based on induced abortion or abortion is allowed during the first trimester of pregnancy . 1 2


The legalization of induced abortion has been widely discussed in Germany during the 20th century. During the Weimar Republic there was a reduction in penalties in cases of abortion and in 1927 proceeded to legalization-for judicial decision in cases of serious danger to the life of the mother – therapeutic abortion -.

During Nazism the penalties for abortion crimes increased again and since 1943 was punished with the death penalty. 3 Moreover, forced abortion was a practice imposed on sectors of society that are considered undesirable or less. 3

After World War II the abortion remained illegal in both East Germany and West Germany recovering the legislation of 1927 in West Germany, while in East Germany in 1950 approved legislation that included new exceptions.

The legal requirements for the practice of abortion induced in West Germany were so strict that women often traveled to other places where legislation was permisivia, particularly the Netherlands .

Legalization in 1972, 1974 and 1976

This abortion was legalized in East Germany, at the request of the woman, until the 12 weeks of pregnancy in 1972 by the Popular Assembly ( Volkskammer ). In 1974, West Germany decriminalized new situations for legal abortion by a judgment of the German Constitutional Court , since, although abortion was considered incompatible with the human rights guarantees of the German constitution itself, the opinion itself increased the number of situations in the That legal abortion could be constitutional.

As a final result, in 1976, the Federal Republic of Germany legalized abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy for medical reasons – therapeutic abortion – for sexual or emotional or social emergency serious crimes which must be approved by two doctors-and With an advice and a minimum wait from the advice of three days.

Laws of 1992 and 1995

The reunification of Germany forced the legal homogenization. A new law was passed by the Bundestag in 1992. This law allows the practice of voluntary termination of pregnancy during the first trimester, with guidance-informed consent- and a minimum waiting period of three days from counseling. Parliament passed a new law in 1995. The practice of abortion is not covered by the German health system except for women with limited economic resources. 4 5 6


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