Abortion in Belarus

The abortion in Belarus was legalized on November 23, 1955, while Belarus was part of the Soviet Union . 1 Current legislation dealing with abortion dates to 31 December 1987 and is one of the most liberal abortion laws in Europe , allowing abortion on request until the 28th week of pregnancy for a variety of reasons. 1

The 1987 law allows abortion on request for reasons of injury or death to the fetus and / or mother and rape and incest , besides her husband’s death during pregnancy a judgment for the mother or father, a mandate A court that deprives the mother of parental rights if the household already had more than five children if the relationship between the mother and the father ends in divorce or if there is a family history that includes a mental illness or a motor deficiency . 1

Before a popular contraceptive method , abortions surpassed live births by a two-to-one ratio in 1995. 2 Now the rate has dropped by more than 75%, with 42,000 abortions (39% of the live birth rate) in 2008 . 2


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