Abortion (disambiguation)

The term abortion comes from the Latin abortus , past participle of aborīrī (with the same meaning as in Spanish ) and this, in turn, composed of ab- (‘from’, ‘from’) + oriri (‘get up’, ‘get out “, “Appear”). Its meaning is failure by interruption or maladjustment of a process or activity.

Abortion as an abortion

Abortion , such as interruption and premature termination of pregnancy, may refer to:

Health perspective

  • Induced abortion , such as voluntary abortion ( IVE ), which can be practiced in two ways:
  • Abortion with medication or non-surgical abortion ;
  • Surgical abortion ;
  • Therapeutic abortion or indirect abortion ; Usually performed as a surgical abortion ;
  • Miscarriage or natural miscarriage , for causes not intentionally caused or as an indirect consequence of blows or injuries.
  • Specific fetal death when the gestational age is greater than 22 weeks.
  • Unsafe abortion when the practice of their conditions endangers the health and life of the pregnant woman.

Philosophical, political and sociological perspective

  • Abortion debate
  • Legislation on the practice of abortion in the world
  • Abortion free
  • Opposition to abortion

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